Harvard University issues cyber alert

Harvard University has discovered an intrusion on the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and Central Administration information technology networks which could have exposed user’s login credentials to cyber criminals.

The breach was discovered on June 19th, but Harvard University decided not to announce the intrusion until they were confident that notification would not jeopardize their efforts to secure systems and limit damage.

In a Q&A on the universities website it is advising people potentially impacted to change passwords.

It states: “At this time, we have no indication that research data or personal data managed by Harvard systems (e.g. social security numbers) have been exposed. There is no indication that PIN credentials, used to access University systems and web resources, have been exposed.

“It is possible that Harvard login credentials (computer and email passwords, including Office 365) stored on the compromised FAS and Central Administration networks have been exposed. In order to further secure your data, the University is requiring some members of our community to change their Harvard passwords.”

Source: Business Reporter 

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