Harvey Bigelsen: Medical lies and spying

Several weeks ago a doctor wrote a letter to the editor that was very derogatory to the concept of naturopathy. I am a medical doctor and I would like to respond to that letter.

Modern “scientific” medicine has not found the cure of one chronic disease in 100 years. They have done very well at crisis medicine and infectious disease, however chronic disease they have failed. Years ago I became very frustrated because I realized that I did not cure any disease and I only suppressed them by using drugs.

Big Pharma, which sponsors most of the medical journal research and articles, is not interested in curing anything. They make money on disease and not on health. Because of that I got very frustrated and started to look for different ways.

Naturopathy looks at the metabolism and what is called the terrain of the body. It works at trying to maximize your health. If you look at the World Health Organization statistics you will see that the United States ranks No. 2 in cost and No. 72 in total delivery of health care. This is a totally controlled system and any medical doctor who steps out of the box gets attacked and persecuted by the system.

I helped author the Arizona Homeopathic Medical Practice Act which allowed MDs to look at another way to help patients without being persecuted. I, personally, was charged by the Arizona Medical Board for “illegible handwriting” and “curing a person illegally”. Since I did everything legally under my homeopathic license, the state medical board could not do anything about me. That’s when the federal government came in.

Medicare actually sent a representative into my office and asked me to sign up to be a provider. Approximately one month later, they came back to me and said my procedures did not fit their codes, so they told me how to code it.

Several years later I received a “random” Medicare audit where they “randomly” chose 28 cases out of my approximate 5,000 files. Those 28 cases involve something called chelation therapy and something that I did not do, however I had a doctor that worked in my office for several months and those were his 28 cases. They were the only 28 cases in my files. They also “randomly” audited 22 other chelation practitioners that same year. That eventually led me to be indicted by the federal system on 117 counts of Medicare fraud totaling $3,500 in approximately a three-year investigation. I had to give up my license and leave the country.

At the same time that I was indicted on those 117 counts, Sen. Bill Frist received a Medicare fraud misdemeanor totaling $1.7 billion. I received an indictment for $3,500 and he got a misdemeanor for that $1.7 billion, which he paid off in two checks.

This is not a free country, but a fascist-controlled system. Not only is the NSA spying on us, but I have proof that Medicare also spies on us and goes after the successful “alternative” physicians. I am not licensed and now I consult in a German form of naturopathy called isopathy. I have a private academy, the Bigelsen Academy, which you can Google and find online and set up an appointment with me, where I can look at your live blood under a darkfield microscope, read your history form and tell you why you are working on five out of eight cylinders. I can then tell you how you can improve your health. I have even dealt with stem cells and I certainly believe that they are the future!

The goal of the physician should be to get the patient better and not keep them on medications for the rest of their life. Allopathic medicine is a failure and I think that doctor who wrote that derogatory letter it just a bully, like the rest of the system. We hear on the news every night that “experts” say this and yet how can they be an expert if they have cured nothing? Jerry Lewis spent 50 years trying to help muscular dystrophy and gained nothing.

Source: http://www.theunion.com/opinion/columns/17785910-113/harvey-bigelsen-medical-lies-and-spying

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