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Who Are

That’s the big question and the short answer is: No one seems quite sure yet. The ransomware group is a previously unknown entity on the cybercrime scene but is broadly understood to be both a ransomware operator and provider of ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS).

Confusingly, there are even suggestions of white hat hacking about the group and its ultimate motives, with Techbriefly reporting, that the outfit advertises itself as a “secure solution for addressing data security vulnerabilities within companies” and promises to uphold both European GDPR and broader data privacy standards. It adds that the group does not take payment for the data it obtains, as is suggested by its threat to simply dump Sony’s data online.

In terms of that threat, the group says September 28th is the date it will share the contents of its hack. However, this date has thus far passed with no major new information, beyond the controversy in hacker circles over who is actually responsible for the 2023 Sony breach — if indeed the company has been breached at all.

Stay tuned for more, as we’ll continue to update this article with the latest Sony hack news as it becomes available.

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