Hawkins residents, officials hope for unity, answers after alleged hacking of city computers | State | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

HAWKINS — April Fool’s Day started with a phone call. Around 9:20 a.m., Debbie Rushing, the only candidate who filed to run for Hawkins mayor this year, called Mayor Pro Tem Charles “Chuck” Richoz to tell him that she wanted to be sworn into office that afternoon.

Richoz had served as the town’s interim mayor since the January resignation of former Mayor Susan Hubbard. The City Council voted during a special meeting March 28 to allow Rushing to take office early — after voting March 4 not to allow her to do so.

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A computer in the office of Hawkins Mayor Debbie Rushing is pictured Tuesday. Rushing said the city may have experienced a data breach after the son of a city council member installed programs on the computer on April 1 without authorization. (Jordan Green/Tyler Morning Telegraph Photo)

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Hawkins hacking 6

Shahaub Tafreshinejad, the son of Hawkins Place 4 Alderwoman Eleta Taylor, is shown in front of a computer in the Hawkins mayor’s office in this screenshot from an April 1 video taken by the city’s utilities director, Mike Maberry. Mayor Debbie Rushing said Tafreshinejad installed remote-access and network-mapping programs on a computer in the mayor’s office hours before she became mayor, raising concerns that a data breach may have occurred. (Contributed Photo)

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kAm#624965 3J A9@?6 (65?6D52J[ }6H6== 564=:?65 E@ 4@>>6?E[ 4:E:?8 E96 :?G6DE:82E:@?]k^Am

kAmx?E6C:> !@=:46 r9:67 tC:4 %F>2 DA@<6 H:E9 %27C6D9:?6;25 @? pAC:= d[ #FD9:?8 D2:5] %27C6D9:?6;25 @776C65 E@ 92?5 @G6C 6G:56?46 C6=2E65 E@ E96 :?G6DE:82E:@?[ 3FE 2D @7 %F6D52J[ %F>2 925?’E 4@==64E65 :E]k^Am

kAm#FD9:?8 D2:5 D96 5@6D?’E <?@H H9J A@=:46 92G6?’E 5@?6 >@C6]k^Am

kAm“x’> 5:D2AA@:?E65 H:E9 @FC 4:EJ =2H 6?7@C46>6?E[” D96 D2:5]k^Am

kAm~G6C2==[ E96 D:EF2E:@? 92D 366? 7CFDEC2E:?8[ #FD9:?8 D2:5]k^Am

kAm“xE’D 366? D@>6E9:?8 23@FE E9:D 3C6249 6G6CJ 52J[” D96 D2:5] “x’> 7:89E:?8 E@ >2<6 DFC6 6G6CJ@?6 😀 D276]”k^Am

Hawkins hacking 3

Hawkins City Utilities Clerk Cindy Douthitt talks on the phone Tuesday at Hawkins City Hall. The city’s computer system has been shut down in response to a potential data breach, leaving Douthitt to accept utility payments by check or cash. (Jordan Green/Tyler Morning Telegraph Photo)

kAm‘q:8 AC@3=6> 2== E96 H2J 2C@F?5’k^Am

kAm~? %F6D52J >@C?:?8[ r:EJ &E:=:E:6D r=6C< r:?5J s@FE9:EE E2=<65 @? E96 A9@?6 2?5 2446AE65 4964<D 7C@> C6D:56?ED H9@ 42>6 E@ r:EJ w2== E@ A2J E96:C FE:=:EJ 3:==D] p D:8? @? E96 8=2DD H:?5@H 2E E96 7C@?E 56D< D2:5 E96 @77:46 4@F=5?’E 2446AE 4C65:E @C 563:E 42C5D]k^Am

kAmw2H<:?D 6>A=@J66D 2C6?’E 23=6 E@ AC@46DD 6=64EC@?:4 A2J>6?ED 7@C FE:=:EJ 3:==D 2E r:EJ w2== 2D 2 C6DF=E @7 E96 4@>AFE6C DJDE6> D9FE5@H?[ H9:49 92D =67E E96 4:EJ @A6C2E:?8 =:<6 :E H@F=5 92G6 😕 E96 AC64@>AFE6C 6C2] r:EJ @A6C2E:@?D 92G6 366? 27764E65 😕 @E96C H2JD[ E@@]k^Am

kAm“xE’D 4C62E65 2 3:8 AC@3=6> 2== E96 H2J 2C@F?5 7@C FD[” s@FE9:EE D2:5]k^Am

kAms@FE9:EE 😀 4@>A2C:?8 C6D:56?ED’ FE:=:EJ A2J>6?ED H:E9 2 >@C6 E92? d_A286 DE2E6>6?E @7 3:==D D96 AC:?E65 @77 😕 |2C49] $96 AC:?ED E96 5@4F>6?E 6249 >@?E9 D@ E92E D96 42? 6?DFC6 3:==D 2C6 244FC2E6 367@C6 E96J’C6 D6?E E@ C6D:56?ED] x7 s@FE9:EE 925?’E AC:?E65 :E[ D96’5 92G6 ?@ C64@C5 @7 H92E C6D:56?ED @H6[ D96 D2:5]k^Am

kAm#FD9:?8 H:== D:8? A2J4964<D 7@C 4:EJ 6>A=@J66D 3J 92?5] $96 92D 6?@F89 AC:@C 6IA6C:6?46 😕 9F>2? C6D@FC46D 2?5 A2JC@== E@ 42=4F=2E6 E96:C E2I6D 2?5 C6E:C6>6?E 4@?EC:3FE:@?D[ D96 D2:5]k^Am

kAm%9@>2D[ E96 4:EJ D64C6E2CJ[ :D?’E 23=6 E@ FD6 E96 w2H<:?D’ >2:? 6>2:= 255C6DD] %96 4:EJ 2=D@ :D?’E 23=6 E@ >@G6 7@CH2C5 H:E9 2? 2AA=:42E:@? E@ 86E r@>>F?:EJ s6G6=@A>6?E q=@4< vC2?E 7F?5:?8 E@ :>AC@G6 :ED D6H6C DJDE6> — @C 2 =@2? 2AA=:42E:@? H:E9 E96 %6I2D (2E6C s6G6=@A>6?E q@2C5 7@C 7F?5:?8 E@ C6A=246 =625 H2E6C =:?6D[ |236CCJ D2:5]k^Am

kAm%96 4:EJ H:== 92G6 E@ @A6? ?6H 32?< 244@F?ED[ E@@[ #FD9:?8 D2:5]k^Am

kAms@FE9:EE 2?5 %9@>2D 92G6 <6AE A@D:E:G6 2EE:EF56D 😕 DA:E6 @7 E96 92C5D9:A[ #FD9:?8 D2:5] r:EJ C6D:56?ED[ D:>:=2C=J[ 92G6 366? F?56CDE2?5:?8 2?5 A2E:6?E H:E9 4:EJ 6>A=@J66D]k^Am

kAm~? %F6D52J[ C6E:C65 w2H<:?D x$s 4@249 p=2? !9:==:AD H2=<65 :?E@ r:EJ w2== 2?5 32?E6C65 H:E9 s@FE9:EE 27E6C 92?5:?8 96C 2 4964< E@ A2J 9:D H2E6C 3:==] w6 5:5?’E >:?5 E92E 96 4@F=5?’E A2J H:E9 2 4C65:E 42C5j 96 D2:5 96 ?6G6C 5@6D]k^Am

Hawkins hacking 4

A sign indicates no credit or debit cards are accepted as Hawkins City Utilities Clerk Cindy Douthitt accepts a utility payment from Hawkins resident Alan Phillips on Tuesday at City Hall. The city’s computer system has been shut down in response to a potential data breach, leaving Douthitt to accept utility payments by check or cash. (Jordan Green/Tyler Morning Telegraph Photo)

kAmkDEC@?8m#625 >@C6 2E k2 9C67lQ9EEAi^^EJ=6CA2A6C]4@>QmEJ=6CA2A6C]4@>k^2mk^DEC@?8mk^Am

kAm#6D:56?ED 9@A6 7@C 492?86k^Am

kAmw2H<:?D 😀 2 8@@5 A=246 E@ =:G6[ !9:==:AD D2:5] qFE D@>6E:>6D[ 96 H2?ED E@ =2F89 2E H92E 92AA6?D E96C6]k^Am

kAm“x 92E6 E@ D66 E9:?8D E92E 86E D@ D4C6H65 FA[” 96 D2:5] “x 5@?’E H2?E A6@A=6 E@ E9:?< E92E E92E’D 9@H w2H<:?D :D[ 3642FD6 :E’D ?@E] xE’D 2 C62==J ?:46 E@H? H:E9 8@@5 A6@A=6]”k^Am

kAm}6HD @7 E96 924<:?8 92D DAC625 E9C@F89@FE w2H<:?D[ 2?5 4@>>F?:EJ >6>36CD 2C6 2?8CJ[ #FD9:?8 D2:5] xE’D E96 =2E6DE 4@?EC@G6CDJ E@ 2C:D6 😕 E96 D>2== E@H?[ 2?5 C6D:56?ED D2J E96J’C6 9@A:?8 E96 4@>>F?:EJ H:== 364@>6 >@C6 F?:7:65 D@@?]k^Am

kAmwF332C5 C6D:8?65 2D >2J@C 😕 y2?F2CJ 4:E:?8 962=E9 :DDF6D[ 3FE 96C C6D:8?2E:@? 2=D@ 42>6 27E6C D96 7:=65 4@>A=2:?ED 282:?DE E96 4:EJ D64C6E2CJ[ %9@>2D]k^Am

kAm~?6 4@>A=2:?E H2D E92E %9@>2D 5:5?’E D:8? 2 4964< 4@>A6?D2E:?8 }6H6==[ E96 A@=:46 @77:46C[ 7@C A2J 96 H2D DFAA@D65 E@ 92G6 366? 8:G6? H9:=6 D6CG:?8 😕 E96 }2E:@?2= vF2C5[ E96 %J=6C |@C?:?8 %6=68C2A9 AC6G:@FD=J C6A@CE65] %9@>2D D2:5 D96 5:5?’E D:8? E96 4964< 3642FD6 D96 H2D?’E 8:G6? E96 AC@A6C 5@4F>6?E2E:@? E@ 5@ D@] wF332C5 2?5 z2J[ E96 !=246 a 2=56CH@>2?[ D:8?65 E96 4964< 2?JH2J]k^Am

kAm#FD9:?8 😀 E96 D:IE9 >2J@C E96 E@H? 92D 925 D:?46 a_`f] %96 4:EJ’D >F?:4:A2= 4@FCE ;F586[ A@=:46 49:67 2?5 EH@ A@=:46 @77:46CD C6D:8?65 😕 |2C49[ 2?5 #FD9:?8 D2:5 :E’D ?@ 4@:?4:56?46 E92E E96 49:67 2?5 @77:46CD BF:E 367@C6 D96 E@@< @77:46]k^Am

kAm“%96C6’D 2 =@E @7 DEF77 E92E’D 92AA6?:?8 2C@F?5 96C6 E92E x 2> 8@:?8 E@ 7:8FC6 :E @FE[” #FD9:?8 D2:5] “xE >2J E2<6 >6 2 >:?FE6 E@ C62==J 7:8FC6 :E @FE[ 3FE x’> 8@:?8 E@ 7:8FC6 :E @FE]”k^Am

kAmpE r:EJ w2== @? %F6D52J[ =@?8E:>6 w2H<:?D C6D:56?E v=J?5:2 {2?6 D2:5 D96’D ?6G6C D66? 2?JE9:?8 BF:E6 =:<6 E96 4J36CD64FC:EJ :?4:56?E 92AA6? 😕 w2H<:?D] $96 D2:5 D96’D 9@A67F= E92E ?6H 4:EJ =6256CD H:== H@C< H:E9 #FD9:?8 E@ C6DE@C6 @C56C E@ E96 4:EJ’D @A6C2E:@?D 7@==@H:?8 E96 >@?E9D @7 A@=:E:42= FA962G2=]k^Am

kAmp >F?:4:A2= 6=64E:@? k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^HHH]92H<:?DEI]@C8^92H<:?D8@G6C?>6?E^6=64E:@?Q E2C86ElQ03=2?<QmH:== E2<6 A=246 |2J ck^2m] #:49@K 😀 ?@E CF??:?8 7@C C66=64E:@?] w6’== 36 C6A=2465 3J C6D:56?E |6C65:E9 w2?4@4<[ H9@ H2D F?@AA@D65 7@C E96 2=56C>2?’D D62E]k^Am

kAmx? E96 !=246 b 2=56C>2?’D C246[ :?4F>36?E tC:4 |2=@J 😀 492==6?865 3J 7@C>6C p=56CH@>2? }@C>2 ~8=6D3J]k^Am

kAm~8=6D3J D2:5 %F6D52J E92E E96 4J36CD64FC:EJ :?4:56?E 😀 2 “D6C:@FD[ 5:C6 D:EF2E:@?” 2?5 H:== 36 “E96 3:886DE 9FC5=6” 4:EJ =6256CD >FDE @G6C4@>6 7@C ?@H]k^Am

kAm“xE’D 27764E:?8 2== @7 FD[” D96 D2:5] “x H2?E E@ 86E @? E96 4@F?4:=[ 2?5 x H2?E E@ 96=A s63 DEC2:89E6? E9:D @FE] p?5 :E’D 8@:?8 E@ E2<6 2 E62> 677@CE]”k^Am

kAm%96 4@F?4:= H:== >66E 2E e A]>] |@?52J 2?5 😀 6IA64E65 E@ 5:D4FDD E96 4J36CD64FC:EJ :DDF6[ #FD9:?8 D2:5] %92E H:== 36 #:49@K’D =2DE >66E:?8[ 2D 9:D E6C> @? E96 4@F?4:= 6?5D 😕 |2J]k^Am

kAm#FD9:?8 😀 42==:?8 7@C #:49@K 2?5 %2J=@C E@ DE6A 5@H?]k^Am

kAm“%92E’D H92E H@F=5 36 36DE 7@C E96 4:EJ 3642FD6 E96J 4@F=5 A@DD:3=J 92G6 492C86D A6?5:?8 😕 ;FDE 2 4@FA=6 @7 H66<D[” D96 D2:5]k^Am

kAmpD D96 D2E 😕 96C @77:46 %F6D52J >@C?:?8 H62C:?8 2 3=F6 DH62E6C — 3=F6 😀 E96 @77:4:2= 4@=@C @7 E96 =@42= D49@@= 5:DEC:4E — #FD9:?8 DA@<6 7@?5=J @7 E96 A6@A=6 H9@ >2<6 FA E96 4@>>F?:EJ] %96J’C6 E96 <:?5 @7 7@=<D H9@ 96=A 6249 @E96C @FE] (96? DE@C>D <?@4< 5@H? EC66 =:>3D[ ?6:893@CD H@C< E@86E96C E@ 4=62? E96> FA] %96 E@H?’D 2??F2= r9C:DE>2D E@J 5C:G6 @7E6? 92D >@C6 DFAA@CE E92? D:>:=2C 677@CED 😕 =2C86C E@H?D]k^Am

kAm%92E <:?5 @7 F?:EJ 😀 H92E A6@A=6 H2?E 324<[ D96 D2:5]k^Am

kAm“xE’D ;FDE w2H<:?D] %92E’D ;FDE H92E H6 5@[” #FD9:?8 D2:5] “xE’D 2 E@H? E92E 😀 =:<6 324< 😕 E96 ‘e_D[ ‘f_D[ H92E6G6C] p?5 9@?6DE=J[ E92E’D E96 H2J A6@A=6 =:<6 :E 2C@F?5 96C6]”k^Am

kAmr:EJ w2== D66>D E@ 7:E 😕 E96 D2>6 6C2[ E@@ — 2E =62DE H9:=6 E96 4@>AFE6CD 2C6 D9FE @77]k^Am


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