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Prince Harry has slammed Piers Morgan for his alleged involvement in the Mirror Group Newspaper hacking scandal.

Today, the Duke of Sussex settled the remaining parts of his phone hacking claim against the group.

In a statement, the prince criticised Morgan, the former editor of The Daily Mirror between 1995 and 2004, who has always repeatedly denied knowledge of the alleged phone hacking which took place.

Harry’s statement claimed Morgan “as editor, knew perfectly well what was going on, as the judge held”.

Prince Harry has slammed Piers Morgan in his new statement


His statement continued: “Even his own employer realised it simply could not call him as a witness of truth at the trial.

“His contempt for the court’s ruling and his continued attacks ever since demonstrate why it was so important to obtain a clear and detailed judgement.”

Despite Harry’s claims, Piers Morgan has always and repeatedly denied knowledge of the alleged phone hacking which took place at the Daily Mirror whilst he was editor.

Prince Harry’s barrister, David Sherborne, delivered the statement on behalf of the royal outside court.

Prince Harry outside the court

Harry settled part of his phone hacking claim against Mirror Group Newspapers today


The statement began by saying that, after his victory in December, the Mirror group had now “finally conceded” the rest of his claim.

Sherborne said: “Everything we said was happening at Mirror group was in fact happening, and indeed far worse as the court ruled in its extremely damaging judgement.”

Via the statement, the prince said they have “uncovered and proved the shockingly dishonest way” in which the Mirror group acted “for so many years”.

Harry added that “in light of all this, we call again for the authorities to uphold the rule of law and to prove that no one is above it”.

Prince Harry

Prince Harry has come to London many times for his various court cases against the British press


Prince Harry

Prince Harry is pursuing multiple separate civil cases through the courts in London


This referred to the prince and other hacking victims calling for police to open a criminal investigation into the actions of Mirror Group Newspapers.

Prince Harry has said that his “mission” over how the press operates will continue.

He added: “I believe in the positive change it will bring for all of us.

“It’s the very reason why I started this, and why I will continue to see it through to the end.”


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