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PETALING JAYA: Safety reminders to parents, caregivers and healthcare providers on safeguarding children from injuries have been communicated by the Health Ministry via various means.

This includes messages for parents and caregivers on how to prevent injury among children, which are already included in the Child Health Record Book that is currently being used nationwide for children between the ages of zero (newborn) to six years old, said the Health Ministry.

“The Health Ministry has also carried out regular training to our healthcare providers at the ground level to always remind parents about the safety and injury prevention to younger children aged zero to less than five years old.

“The Health Ministry places great concern and emphasis on the issue of child safety and injury,” the Health Ministry told The Star when asked to comment on the forgotten baby syndrome, or the phenomenon of forgetting a child in a parked vehicle.

Among the Health Ministry’s tips to avoid accidentally leaving children in parked vehicles include implementing the step “Look before you Lock”, or checking the entire vehicle before locking.

“Put the important and necessary items such as handbags or personal belongings close to the child in the back if the child is put in a child Car Restrain Seat (CRS).

“Remind child carers or teachers to call or message the parents to ask why the child was not sent to the child care centre or nursery if they are absent.

“Inform the other parent after sending the child to nursery or kindergarten.

“Place children’s items in the front seat such as schoolbags or toys as a sign that there are children in the car,” said the Health Ministry.

Devices with Bluetooth technology and phone apps can also be used to remind the driver about the children being transported in the car, added the Health Ministry.


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