A mistake often made by CEO’s in nearly every industry is that they trust their IT department to protect them from computer hackers. What CEO’s often fail to understand is that it does not matter how educated your IT manager or CTO may be, it does not make them a hacker, or capable of thinking like a hacker. Unlike your accountant or your attorney, hacking is not something you learn in a classroom. Unlike other crimes, its existence has only been in the past 30 years, and education has not yet caught up with the crime. It takes an ethical hacker to think like a hacking criminal!

At National Cyber Security we work with upper level management and/or corporate executive to do 5 things:

  1. NCS will conduct a monthly security audit of your office network, website, facility or hospital for vulnerabilities to hackers, cyber blackmailers and/or corporate theft.
  1. Each time we perform a security audit and you do not alert your IT department, we will be providing 3 valuable things about your organizations.
    1. How vulnerable your organizations may be.

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