IT Help Desk

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Job Description:

Must be local to Pittsburgh Resources will be doing the following:

· Receives contact from customer
· Collects basic contact information
· Collects request information from customer
· Analyzes request information
· Opens new or updates existing incident tickets
· Verifies customer and basic information and updates user profile information, as required
· Gathers the appropriate information for the incident
· Assesses severity of requests
· Identifies appropriate assignment (includes linking to existing problems or incidents, if applicable)
· Resolves incident if possible
· Informs the customer/user of the status of an existing incident, upon request
· Confirms incident status and resolution with customer
· Updates and closes incident ticket Skills:

· A high level of verbal and writing skills
· Telephone techniques
· Understanding of basic computers and networks
· Above average problem solving capabilities
· Able to work as part of a team
· Capable of taking independent action
· Effective listening skills
· Persistence
· Flexible and adaptable