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Hemdean House School worried about safety of kids on busy road | #childsafety | #kids | #chldern | #parents | #schoolsafey

Hemdean House School, situated on Hemdean Road is facing challenges compounded by the narrowing of the road due to parking on both sides and congestion caused by the road’s status as a bus route.

The petition calls for urgent measures to be taken including the installation of speed cushions to force the traffic to slow on the 30-mph road.

This comes as concerns were raised about ‘racing traffic’ caused by the lack of noticeable signs indicating the presence of a school. This is however only one factor that contributes to potential hazards.

The Reading Chronicle visited the school on one rainy weekday to witness the traffic and congestion that occurs during busy mornings.

Congestion started to build up in the school zone around 8:40 am as pupils were dropped off for a 9 am start at both Hemdean House School and Play Days Nursery.

Tiffany Harrison, from Caversham who was leaving her little boy off at nursery said: “The roads here are crazy every morning. I am leaving my little boy at pre-school and it is always frantic with people trying to get to work and leave their kids off to school.

“The fact that three schools are on this road makes it even worse. There definitely needs to be something to slow down traffic here.

“It’s the same on Albert Road and outside the Heights School as well.

“I know people are frantic to get to work but I think that kids should be made a priority when they are trying to walk into school. Rushing to work should not be a reason for road rage.”

A woman who lives opposite the school said that she sees on a daily basis, speeding cars and inconsiderate parking causing dangerous situations for school children and the general public.

Representatives from the school from years 4, 5, and 6 were invited to address the Traffic Management Sub-Committee and present their petition to the Reading Borough Council

During the meeting, Cllr John Ennis from Reading Borough Council said: “The school must be proud of you, you are such a credit to the school, and it’s great seeing young people get involved in such important issues like traffic safety.”


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