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“What do women really want in bed?”

It’s a question for the ages–and for every year that men ask this question, there are equally as many answers.

That makes it a bit of a confusing topic. Because so many sex-related articles have such different advice, how do you decide which pieces of advice are actually good… and which ones are better left ignored?

Well, the truth is, different women like different things in bed.

And on top of that, what women want in bed changes as time goes on.

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However, one recent survey has pinpointed the 10 most appealing sex acts to women today. These are real responses, from real women–so you know there’s no B.S.

So what do women today really want in bed?

Keep reading for the saucy answers. ?

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Inside The Groundbreaking Study That Reveals What Women REALLY Want During Sex…

The study surveyed more than 2,000 adults in the United States and asked them to rate their favorite sexual & romantic behaviors.

While the results did differ between women and men… today, I want to focus on the female results.

The women were asked to rate all kinds of sexual acts:

From pretty “vanilla” penetration…

To the incorporation of toys & rough sex…

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And even addressing specific things like dirty talk & “setting the mood”…

Nothing was off of the table in this unprecedented study.

Can you guess what women want the most in bed?

I’ll admit that I was personally quite surprised by the answer… and in fact, the answer reveals quite a bit about the sorts of things you can do to keep a woman coming back to you for more and more.

So with that in mind, here are the 10 most appealing sex acts to women right now:

Her Top 10 Favorite Sex Acts (Ranked)

This list goes in order of most favorite to least favorite–though obviously, even the last one is still extremely desirable:

  • 1) Basic P-in-V Penetration…
  • 2) Cuddling…
  • 3) Kissing During Sex…
  • 4) Saying Sweet or Romantic Things During Sex…
  • 5) Giving/Receiving a Massage Before Sex…
  • 6) Having Gentle Sex…
  • 7) Receiving Oral Sex…
  • 8) Watching A Romantic Movie…
  • 9) Setting a Romantic Ambiance…
  • 10) Wearing Sexy Lingerie…

Are you surprised…?

Did you expect more “rough” or “kinky” sex moves to make the list…?

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Or is this exactly what you expected…?

Whatever the case, it’s clear that women need more romance between the sheets.

But how exactly do you give that to her… without feeling like you’re in some cheesy romance novel?

Well, I’m going to show you.

How To Give Her the Sex She Craves (Without Sacrificing Your Pleasure)

So maybe you don’t exactly want to light a bunch of candles…

Tell her how much she means to you…

And cuddle her until she falls asleep in your arms.

Honestly, I can’t say I blame you–and the truth is, you don’t have to do that.

The key with these “sex acts” is that you show her passion. You need to show her that you want her–that she is desirable to you.

And there are lots of ways to do that!

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Sure, you could give her a massage before sex… or buy her some sexy lingerie… or “set the mood”… but you certainly don’t have to do all of those things.

Just pick and choose what works for you, because if it doesn’t feel “real” or authentic for you, then it definitely won’t feel as good for her.

Speaking of which–there was one thing that got left off of the list that sort of surprised me… and it has to do with foreplay.

In fact, it’s become my personal favorite foreplay technique. And it feels really, really freaking good.

I think you’ll enjoy it a lot too ;-)…

Here’s what it is:

Her Top 10 Favorite Sex Acts (2,000 Women Reveal All)

My Personal Fav: The “5 Finger Tantra Technique”

I wanna tell you about the fastest orgasm I’ve ever had:

One rainy night last Fall, my booty call came over to watch Netflix & order Seamless… and he proposed a fun little game:

He bet that if he could give me an orgasm by the time the delivery guy showed up… I had to give him oral whenever he wanted for the next week.

I thought back to our regular sex… it usually took him 30-40 minutes to get me off. So I agreed, assuming he didn’t stand a chance.

He laid me down on the couch… kissed me… unzipped my shorts… slipped his hand *down there*… and things started off like usual:

Two fingers inside me with the *come hither* motion… which felt “nice enough”… but then… THEN… he did something I’ve never felt before:

His fingers moved in a way that seemed to hit me in all the *right* spots… and after a couple minutes, it got me SO worked up, that I could barely think about the bet anymore…

…I’ll admit that I tried to distract myself from the pleasure… but it was useless. After a few more seconds of that amaaaazing sensation, I couldn’t resist any longer *mmmmm*….

After my body stopped shaking, I realized I lost the bet… but that took a backseat to my curiosity:

“That felt sooooo good… why haven’t you done that to me before??? And where did you learn it?”

And that’s when he showed me this video… apparently, it’s called the “5 Finger Tantra Technique”:

Discover the “5 Finger Tantra Technique” & Give Her Pleasure Like Never Before…

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