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The hacker group known as Server Killers has announced their participation in a coordinated cyber attack on Moldova.

This group has joined forces with several other notorious hacker collectives, signaling a worrying escalation in cyber threats against the Eastern European nation.

The Coalition of Cyber Threats

The Server Killers team has publicly declared its alliance with several hacker groups, each with a history of cyber disruptions and attacks.


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The list of these groups includes:

  • NoName057(16)
  • Digital Revolt
  • 2CC
  • Russian CyberArmy
  • Phoenix
  • Coup Team
  • Lulzsec Muslims
  • Cyber Dragon

This coalition brings together a diverse array of cyber capabilities and suggests a high level of coordination among groups typically known to operate independently.

A new tweet from Daily Dark Web reports that a group called The Server Killers has formed an alliance and is planning to launch cyber attacks on Moldova.

The image released by the Server Killers features a central figure cloaked and masked, symbolizing these groups’ anonymity and secretive nature.

The figure is tearing apart a coat of arms, which appears to represent Moldova, indicating the target of their joint operation.

Below the image, a message confirms the alliance and expresses confidence in their success, stating, “We believe in our victory!!!” This bold declaration is accompanied by a series of logos representing each allied hacker group, further emphasizing the united front presented by these cyber adversaries.

Implications for Cybersecurity

The formation of this alliance poses a significant threat to Moldova and the international community, as it demonstrates the potential for collaboration among groups that can amplify the scale and impact of cyber attacks.

These groups’ collective expertise and resources could lead to sophisticated and potentially devastating cyber operations.

The announcement is a stark reminder of the evolving landscape of cyber warfare, in which national boundaries are blurred, and the battleground is the global network infrastructure.

Governments, corporations, and individuals must remain vigilant and invest in robust cybersecurity measures to protect against such coordinated threats.

As the situation develops, cybersecurity experts and law enforcement agencies must closely monitor these groups’ activities.

Sharing information and strengthening international cooperation will be vital to mitigating the risks posed by this and similar alliances.

The alliance of these hacker groups under the Server Killers banner is a testament to the evolving challenges that nations and organizations face in protecting their digital infrastructures.

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