Here’s how hackers are targeting your new chip credit card

It appears no credit card technology is immune to hackers.

A new scheme is targeting the chip credit cards that rolled out a few years ago as a way to reduce fraud. It’s known as “shimming” and is similar to the “skimming” scams that have been around for a long time.

According to a recent article on, crooks can secretly insert a paper-thin device inside a chip card reader on a credit card terminal. When you stick your card in the same slot, the device, known as a “shim,” captures your card information by reading the chip.

The crooks can’t use that information to make a counterfeit chip card because the card’s technology prevents that. But because chip cards also have less secure magnetic stripes, the crooks get away with enough data to make a counterfeit card with a stripe only, according to the article.

That card could be used to make fraudulent purchases at a business that hasn’t upgraded its technology and still accepts non-chip cards.

So far this fraud is rare. cited only one recent case investigated by Canadian authorities in Vancouver, British Columbia.

But it’s something to be aware of, and another reminder to watch your credit card statements for fraudulent purchases. — The Morning Call/Tribune News Service


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