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Hero police officer saves colleague in terrifying kitchen knife attack | #childpredator | #onlinepredator | #sextrafficing

Two police officers in Port Talbot were threatened with a knife in a terrifying ordeal while responding to a domestic call in a house. On September 28, 2021, PC Alisha Pontin and PC Katie White responded to a possible domestic disturbance at an address in the Sandfields area of the town.

The address was shared by James Perry and his grandmother. When the officers arrived, Perry’s grandmother opened the door and told the officers her grandson was upstairs. The two officers climbed the stairs and found Perry hiding in a wardrobe in a bedroom. After being asked by officers to leave the address as part of usual policing protocol, he became “irate” before subjecting them to a threatening knife attack.

A court case in November 2022 heard how the defendant – Perry – was eventually tasered after lunging at one of the officers and threatening her with a large kitchen knife. You can read about that here. The officers have now told BBC series Critical Incident of the horrific ordeal.

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The court heard how the two officers tried to take hold of Perry but he pushed the PCs out of the way and dashed down the stairs. The officers followed the defendant to the ground floor and into the kitchen where Perry grabbed a large knife and then lunged at the first of the officers, PC Pontin, with the weapon raised above his head. The defendant grabbed the constable causing her to fall to the ground, and he stood over her brandishing the blade.

At that moment the second officer, PC White, entered the kitchen and quickly drew her Taser – Perry responded by pointing the knife at his own throat and, after ignoring repeated orders to drop the weapon, the officer discharged her stun gun. The 33-year-old defendant was subsequently arrested.

James Perry(Image: South Wales Police)

The court heard – but it was not mentioned in the BBC programme – how the defendant was on bail at the time of the incident for two assaults which had seen him beating two men about the head, before his interaction with the police officers.

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