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High Court upholds 10-year jail term for elderly child molester | #childpredator | #kidsaftey | #childsaftey

The Maldives High Court has upheld a 10-year prison sentence for a 75-year-old individual who was convicted of sexual molestation involving a minor.

The High Court has upheld the decision made by the Alifu Alifu atoll Maalhos Magistrate Court, regarding the conviction against Hassan Yoosuf. Yoosuf is currently serving his jail sentence at Hulhumalé prison. His sentence will conclude on April 12, 2031.

The Magistrate Court found Yoosuf guilty of molesting an eight year old minor who happened to be the niece of his daughter in law.

Although the medico-legal report did not indicate direct evidence of sexual abuse, the court acknowledged that the absence of visible signs should not be used to dismiss the child’s accounts of the incident.

In addition to the medico-legal report, a social condition report was created for the child, highlighting significant behavioral changes observed after the incident. The appeals court also noted that there was no reasonable motive for the child to fabricate or falsify their accounts of the incident

The appeals court determined that the child’s testimony aligned with both the external and internal circumstances surrounding the incident which led the court to conclude that the child’s account was credible and legitimate.

In his defense, Yoosuf claimed that he was not present at the scene during the alleged incident. However, he was unable to provide sufficient evidence to support this claim during the trial.

The judges’ bench of the High Court unanimously upheld the Magistrate Court’s verdict against Yoosuf.

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