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Owls will be the focus Saturday night during a six-kilometre hike in the Whiteshell Provincial Park, guided by a Parks Interpreter. 

The public is invited on a journey to discover some of the owls that call the Whiteshell home, while learning about the many things that make these birds so unique. 

You might not see the owls as they will be hidden under the cover of darkness, but Senior Interpreter Adam Collicutt says you can expect to hear a few of them. 

There are numerous adaptations that make the owl unique, and such a strong predator. 

“So, out of all the heightened senses that owls have; a great sense of sight, great sense of hearing, flies silently, among other things, the one sense they’re actually lacking in is a sense of smell. So, if you’re an animal like a skunk, where your main mode of defense from predators is smelling bad, but you have a predator that can’t smell you, those warning signs on their back essentially turn into a bullseye. They stand out like a sore thumb.” 

This hike to Bear Lake is considered to be one of the more challenging hikes and Collicutt says it will be important to wear good hiking shoes or boots, bring water and dress in layers. 

Owl Prowl Hike begins at 8pm at Whiteshell Provincial Park and is expected to wrap up at 10pm. 

Collicutt says this means a flashlight or headlamp will be important for each hiker as it gets very dark in the late evening in the park. 

He notes the flashlight from a cell phone will not be enough and will kill your phone battery before the hike is over. 

Tickets are required to attend this event, and vehicle permits are required year-round in provincial parks. 

-With files from Carly Koop.


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