Hillary Hacked! Secret Info WAS Sent To Russia, Leaked FBI Files Reveal

Hillary Clinton knew her private email server was vulnerable to hacks, but she did nothing about it! That’s the implication of bombshell new FBI files that prove she feared she’d been infiltrated years ago.

Wikileaks released FBI files that discuss the former secretary of state’s email investigation as part of their latest data dump.

“Investigation identified multiple occurrences of phishing and/or spear-phishing emails sent to Clinton’s account during her tenure as Secretary of State,” one document states.

“Clinton received another phishing e-mail, purportedly sent from the personal e-mail account of a State official” and that the e-mail “contained a potentially malicious link,” according to the document.

Though FBI director James Comey refused to proceed with prosecuting Clinton over her alleged misuse of classified information through her private email server, he did admit she left her account vulnerable to hackers. And these new documents suggest that she knew it all along.

The FBI writes that Clinton “replied to the [phishing] e-mail stating, ‘Is this really from you? I was worried about opening it!’”

Clinton aide Huma Abedin sent an email out saying that Clinton was worried that “someone [was] hacking into her email” because she “received an e-mail from a known associate containing a link to a website with pornographic material.”

The FBI file goes on to write that there was “no additional information as to why Clinton was concerned about someone hacking into her e-mail account” but said that “the targeted user’s device may have been infected, and information would have been sent to at least three computers overseas, including one in Russia.”


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