Holloway High students earn OSHA safety certification | #schoolsaftey

October 23, 2023

Rutherford County Schools

More than 50 students at Holloway High School have earned health and safety certification from a federal agency.

Offered by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the OSHA 10-Hour General Industry certification teaches students how to recognize and prevent safety hazards in the workplace. It is one of five industry certifications offered at Holloway and one of 75 available through Rutherford County Schools’ Career and Technical Education Department.

Eldridge Sprolden teaches science and psychology at Holloway in addition to the OSHA course. The school wants to provide as many avenues as possible for students to stand out when they look for a job, he said.

“Parents want to see that their child has an advantage when it comes to them looking for work. When employers are looking to hire, students having a certification that some adults don’t even have, that’s impressive,” he said.

The OSHA class also offers training on workers’ rights and employer responsibilities, how to identify and properly report safety issues.

“In that training we talk about soft skills you need in the workplace, terms to use, things like that,” Sprolden said.

Sophomore Dave Maglinao and freshman Julianna Marable were among the students to complete the OSHA course.

“I’m not working now, but I do know who to go to if something happens,” he said, adding that he hopes to own a business someday.

“We learned a lot and I think everyone should have to go through the class,” said Marable, who is considering a career as a detective.


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