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Home Depot’s Halloween Collection Includes Giant Skeleton, Jack Skellington, and More | #childpredator | #onlinepredator | #sextrafficing

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The Home Depot let the black cat out of the bag on Instagram: Its Halloween collection went on sale today, July 13, at 7am ET. While some fans balked at the idea of scary decorations debuting three months early, avid fans of the trick-or-treating holiday know that it’s a big deal—literally. For the fourth year in a row, The Home Depot is bringing back its famous 12-Foot Skeleton, plus new scary friends that are already selling out.

The giant skeleton is a classic now, and one that continues to draw crowds. Just last year, he sold out online almost as soon as he was listed! Now, there are fewer than 1,000 in stock, and it may be your last chance to pick him up online before this Halloween.

If you want to pick up a skeleton or any other new character for your house’s Halloween display, you’d better hurry. In our experience, these larger-than-life Halloween decorations can’t seem to stay in stock. But if you miss this drop, don’t fear: The whole collection will return to the home improvement stores sometime in August.

The Home Depot’s signature Halloween piece features a skeleton of molded plastic and steel that keeps all 12 feet sturdily upright. Plus, its LCD light-up eyes glow an icy blue that will chill you to the bone as they widen and narrow, searching in the darkness.

This year, the giant skeleton is hardly the biggest news. The Home Depot also announced an exclusive partnership with the Walt Disney Company by unveiling a 13-foot tall Jack Skellington from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. The animatronic stands more than a story tall and glows eerily from beneath the iconic pinstripe suit. He’ll sing three tunes from “Jack’s Lament,” and you can choose to display him with a playful grin or more sinister smile.

These skeletons hold the record for two of the tallest characters in the 2023 collection, but they may not be the most terrifying. This year’s designs take the fright fest to a whole new level, thanks to a nightmarish imagination combined with increasingly lifelike movements. Don’t miss out on these terrifying creatures.

The 2023 Home Depot Halloween Collection Includes Stacked Pumpkins, Winged Predators, Witches, and More

Photo: homedepot.com

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