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A homeless convicted child sex offender has set up camp near a San Francisco Catholic school and public library — along with large signs offering “free fentanyl” for new users and “meth for stolen items.”

Joseph Adam Moore, 46, was imprisoned for six years for sex crimes, having molested a 12-year-old girl — and was accused of having sex with a 15-year-old girl just a month after getting out of prison, according to records obtained by the San Francisco Standard.

The sex offender has also been arrested five times since 2007 for failing to notify authorities of his address as a sex offender, according to the outlet.

He is now living in a tent on Ninth Avenue near the Stella Maris Academy and the Richmond District library — with photos showing hand-written signs saying “Meth for stolen items” and “free fentanyl 4 new users.”

“It’s not a joke,” Moore told the San Francisco Chronicle of the drug signs while confirming he was a registered sex offender.

“Yeah, this is actually happening,” he also told the Standard with a laugh at his offer to sell drugs.

Joseph Moore put signs up outside his tent offering “Meth for stolen items” and “free fentanyl 4 new users.”
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Still, the troubled transient admitted he was out to provoke local residents and authorities.

“I’m like Bugs Bunny, when Elmer Fudd shows up to shoot him in the face with a shotgun,” he told the Chronicle with a smirk.

In that, at least, he seems a success.

“We don’t want anything of that nature anywhere near our schools,” said Peter Marlow, a spokesperson for the Archdiocese of San Francisco, which operates the nearby school for kids in kindergarten through eighth grade.

Joseph Adam Moore, 46, was imprisoned as a sex offender — but is now living in a tent outside a Catholic school.
California Department of Justice

“We want to have compassion … We want to pray for these homeless people and do what we can,” he said, saying he initially assumed it was “a social experiment” that “can’t be real.”

“But this is ridiculous. The parents are complaining. The students are seeing this. It’s outrageous.”

Compounding the problem, Moore’s presence has attracted other homeless people who’ve since “since “made the curb their home” — even throwing wild Burning Man-style parties, local resident Nathaniel Weiner complained to the Chronicle.

“It’s horrible,” Weiner said of the camp he passes each day while taking his kids to school “in a quiet residential neighborhood where people are just trying to live their lives.”

Moore says he is serious about selling drugs from his tent.
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Supervisor Connie Chan, who represents the area, also said her office has communicated with district police Capt. Chris Canning about the situation.

Additionally, she said, she is working with the city’s homeless outreach team to offer services for the homeless residents who have set up camp on Ninth Avenue.

But in recent weeks, the Chronicle reports, Moore has become increasingly confrontational with police officers.

However, a San Francisco police spokesperson told the Standard that they could not find any incident reports for Moore’s campsite, and there were no arrest records for Moore within the last 90 days.

His tent is located just feet from the Stella Maris Academy, which serves children in kindergarten through eighth grade.
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The force did not respond to requests for further comment Thursday.

Moore remained unrepentant and insisted no one could stop him.

“It’s happening, right? Why can’t I do it?” he asked the Chronicle, referring to the narcotics trade. “Is this sacred ground?”

He blamed it all on him being “tired” when asked by the Standard.

“If you guys want to flush the whole world down the toilet, if you guys want to ignore people like me, it’s at your own peril,” he said.

“I mean, I’m a savant. You can’t f–king fake that.”

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