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Published: Jun 7th, 2023, 23:51

Here are the locations of all Hacking Callcard graffiti in Honkai Star Rail’s Starhunt event.

Honkai Star Rail’s Starhunt event is well underway, and players are already hard at work trying to eliminate all of the graffiti Silver Wolf has left scattered across Herta’s Space Station. Trailblazers will need to eliminate tons of graffiti in order to clear the event and obtain various rewards, including Stellar Jade, Credits, and a free event-limited four-star Light Cone. 

One of the event missions will involve players diving into the Simulated Universe in an attempt to erase Silver Wolf’s graffiti. However, there are also several hidden “Hacking Callcards” that players will need to find as well in order to fully complete the event and obtain the max number of rewards. 

So, if you are ready to start hunting down some graffiti, you’ve come to the right place. This article will cover all the locations of the Hacking Callcard graffiti in the Honkai Star Rail Starhunt event.

Honkai Star Rail: All Starhunt Hacking Callcard Graffiti Locations

Honkai Star Rail
There are 12 Hacking Callcards players will need to find. (Picture: HoYoverse)

There are four levels of the Simulated Universe that players will need to go through, and each level has three hidden Hacking Callcards to track down. Here is where you can find them all.

Difficulty I Hacking Callcards

  1. In the back room where you find the first “…” graffiti, on the opposite side of the wall, you can find the Hacking Callcard graffiti. 
  2. Leave the room and head to the center elevator. Move around the elevator to the left, and on one of the back panels, there will be another Hacking Callcard graffiti.
  3. Continue around and head to the left. Solve the small panel puzzle, and you can access the final Hacking Callcard. 

Difficulty II Hacking Callcards

  1. From spawn, follow the path down, and on the right side of the wall, there will be the first Hacking Callcard next to a potted plant.  
  2. Head through the door and make your way to the zone with the first boss. Head across the first orange path, and on the floor will be the second Hacking Callcard. 
  3. Go back over the bridge, and change the platforms to blue. Go down the leftmost slope, cross the blue platform, and directly in front of you will be the final Hacking Callcard. 
Honkai Star Rail
Players will need to acquire all three Hacking Callcards per level to unlock the next difficulty. (Picture: HoYoverse)

Difficulty III Hacking Callcards

  1. From spawn, follow the path and change the platforms from blue to orange. Cross the bridge and head to the right down the slope. There will be a Hacking Callcard next to an enemy. 
  2. Complete the puzzle and enter the “?” room. Defeat the boss and head to the next area. Follow the path all the way around to find another “?” warp point. Head down the slope toward the central elevator, and on the left side, there will be a Hacking Callcard. 
  3. Turn directly around and head around in the other direction of the elevator. There will be a Hacking Calclard up a small slope. 

Difficulty IV Hacking Callcards

  1. From spawn, head left through the door. On the back of this door, there is a Hacking Callcard. 
  2. Head into the next area. Change the bridge from orange to blue and head onto the center platform. Change the bridge back to orange and cross over. On your left will be the second Hacking Callcard. 
  3. Continue through the set path and where you can see the boss on the left, take a right. Continue down this path until the end and follow it to the right. Head through the door, and on the right side of the wall, there will be the final Hacking Callcard. 

And these are all the Hacking Callcard locations!


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