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HopSkipDrive Releases Fourth Annual Safety Report Outlining 2022 Data | #schoolsaftey

HopSkipDrive, the leader in innovative, supplemental school transportation solutions, released its fourth annual Safety Report, delivering detailed data about its 2022 safety metrics and platform investments. In 2019, HopSkipDrive became the first and remains the only in its industry to proactively release a comprehensive report detailing its safety data, policies and features, setting a new standard for school transportation safety and transparency.

Based on HopSkipDrive data collected in 2022, the report shows that more than 777,000 rides across more than 16 million miles were driven by CareDrivers last year.

The report also shows:
100% of rides were completed without a critical safety incident. This is consistent with our three previous Safety Reports and continues an impeccable safety record.
99.7% of rides scheduled through the HopSkipDrive platform ended without a safety related concern of any kind. For the small percentage that did experience a safety-related concern, the vast majority of these were minor traffic collisions.

HopSkipDrive continues to invest in safety policies and features including through mobile phone based telematics technology. Making these investments, and reporting on the company’s safety data, propels continued innovation and improvement for HopSkipDrive and within the industry.

Telematics technology continues to promote safe driving behavior by detecting risky driving behaviors. In fact, research indicates that telematics solutions can be up to 98.83% accurate in detecting drunk driving behavior, indicating that real time telematics technology can be far more accurate, effective and valuable than one time tests.

HopSkipDrive Co-founder and CEO, Joanna McFarland, said, “HopSkipDrive is proactive, innovative and relentless when it comes to safety. Publishing our annual Safety Report is just one way we hold ourselves continuously accountable. I am proud that, for the fourth year in a row, our metrics report no critical safety incidents. I’m also proud of the continued innovation of our platform features and processes, which leverage the full power of our technology to make HopSkipDrive as safe as possible.”

“Monitoring and analyzing data, every day, is an essential aspect of HopSkipDrive’s commitment to safety,” said Mike Martin, HopSkipDrive Senior Strategic Advisor and former Executive Director and CEO of the National Association for Pupil Transportation. “Identifying patterns and trends enables us to proactively manage risk and develop customized preventive measures. The results of this approach speak for themselves.”

About HopSkipDrive:
Designed by protective moms and driven by caregivers, HopSkipDrive is the leader in innovative, supplemental school transportation solutions for schools, districts, government agencies and families. HopSkipDrive’s advanced technology platform and industry-leading operational expertise provide school districts with safety, flexibility and visibility while helping to create opportunity for all through mobility.

HopSkipDrive currently operates in 22 major markets across 11 states and Washington, DC, and has contracts with over 400 school districts, local education agencies and more. CareDrivers have safely completed more than three million rides over more than 46 million miles. Learn more at http://www.hopskipdrive.com.

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