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For tech lovers, nothing has been a hotter topic over the last year than artificial intelligence. The industry around AI has exploded in size, and as we’ve heard in recent news, Westchester is making it a business focus for the year. It is set to massively change certain industries, one of which is the ever-growing cybersecurity sector. So what changes should we expect and how would Westchester benefit from investment in that area?

Cybersecurity Fundamentals

Most cybersecurity activity happens entirely behind the scenes with only minimal amounts regularly seen by the public. Most users will only see things such as passwords and perhaps two-factor authentication in terms of security, but under the hood, there’s an always-evolving web of different software and processes.

As goes into in more detail, sending a personal email could use a form of data encryption to protect the contents, but that encryption level is many times simpler than the encryption used for internal email in large companies. Even then, the encryption used for things like financial transactions or national security would be leagues above either one in complexity. Types of encryption get created, cracked, and updated in an endless cycle and the scale of this process is only going to get larger.

Where AI Comes In

AI is set to be a gamechanger in terms of scaling up to match new threats, particularly in industries with more sensitive or critical transactions taking place. Already we’re seeing industries like the online casino sector invest in AI security systems that are able to identify security threat patterns far faster than any human could. Casinos around the world rely on a huge number of often large financial transactions happening around the clock, making it understandable that casino review sites like make security a key element of their reviews.

More than just patterns of attacks, however, AI also has the potential to get ahead of any hackers. Thanks to its vast processing power, an AI security system could identify and update existing security processes in real-time and with almost no delay. Given that a large part of cybersecurity is staying ahead of the ‘other team’, it could prove to be a major asset for the security side.

How Can Westchester Benefit?

As future prospects go, both AI and cybersecurity are considered safe for business investment as it’s almost inconceivable that they won’t see huge growth. Giants like are already looking at the next decade of AI integrating into existing businesses, and any time that online industries explore new territory you can be sure that cybersecurity will need to step up behind it.

Promoting businesses and training locally for either field in Westchester would undoubtedly create jobs, revenue, and would be overall a boost for the local economy. Considering the scale of the companies involved including names like Google and Microsoft, it’s sure to be a solid investment for the future of business in the area.

With this year’s AI focus, business leaders will be looking at the technology in great detail, and with any luck the result will be a positive for the whole region.


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