How AI-Supported Gun Detection Changed School Safety | #schoolsaftey

Security integrators must address these considerations when vetting artificial intelligence (AI) technology for gun detection.

Recent advances and discussions about artificial intelligence (AI) have generated much interest within the security industry. AI is everywhere, from Chat GPT and Open AI to weapons detection platforms. Every day you likely receive correspondence from vendors wishing to demo or sell your district the latest and greatest AI solution.

But… just like any new product, there are always considerations. Our organization is the first in Maryland to deploy an AI-based gun detection solution. Over the last several months, we have learned valuable lessons that all security directors should remember when deploying any artificial intelligence-driven solution.

Artificial intelligence is a grand vision of creating intelligent machines. Several different aspects of AI seemingly make it difficult to understand. However, AI is simply replicating the characteristics of humans and creating pathways for computers to accomplish the same tasks. For example, robotics is human movement and environment interaction in the AI world. There are about 20 to 30 computer applications that make up AI.

In the security space, AI can currently be incorporated into notification workflows, robotics, pattern recognition, speech recognition, natural language processing, and image processing. The gun detection solution we employ uses pattern recognition and image processing to monitor existing security cameras, assess the presence of a person in the frame, identify a weapon, and analyze the person’s movements. A notification workflow is started to alert the necessary people and responders if a firearm is detected.

The technology works as advertised. It is accurate, provides quick notifications, and is a cost-effective way to transition your reactive camera system to a proactive portion of your security strategy. As with any security solution, however, some limitations and variables must be considered while assessing your needs and considering using an artificial intelligence product, especially when adding a gun detection solution to your cameras.

This post originally appeared on our sister site, Campus Safety Magazine.

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