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Shark fans get ready to jump for joy because Shark Week is set to kick off this weekend on the Discovery channel. 

The shark-themed programming will begin on Sunday, July 23 at 8 p.m. ET and end on Saturday, July 29 at 9 p.m. ET, according to Discovery’s Shark Week schedule. 

This year’s Shark Week will showcase cutting edge technology used to study the wild apex predator including the work of the world’s most respected marine biologists, shark experts and science institutions.

Here’s how and where to watch.

When is Shark Week?

A Black Nose Shark swims past the glass viewing area at OdySea Aquarium on July 6, 2023, in Scottsdale.

Discovery’s 35th annual Shark Week programming will start on July 23 and end on July 29, according to Discovery’s Shark Week schedule.

Shark aficionados are in for a special treat this year since Jason Momoa is set to host.

Momoa will accompany viewers through 20 hours of shark related content like “Belly of the Beast: Feeding Frenzy” which will give viewers a closer look at the great white shark and “Cocaine Sharks” that shows what happens to sharks after they feed on cocaine or other illegal drugs dumped in South Florida waters.

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