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JOPLIN, Mo. — Local small business owners had a chance to learn how to protect their digital property and information, this afternoon (Monday).

A cyber security class that focused on small businesses was part of a partnership between the Missouri Small Business Development Center at MSSU and Stronghold Data.

It’s part of “Cybersecurity Awareness Month.”

Officials tell us that oftentimes we assume large businesses are more likely to deal with cybersecurity threats — but actually, it’s small businesses who tend to be the most vulnerable.

Today’s seminar offered resources and information to help small business owners amp up their protection — while also making sure their employees are trained and prepared for possible threats.

“It damages them reputationally, there’s going to be larger investments whether that’s from a legal standpoint, loss of revenue, maybe even some fines depending on, you know, the nature of their business,” said Jason Rincker, Stronghold Data Chief Revenue Officer.

“So, it’s a matter of being prepared for, you know, what can come, whether it’s an email or a phone call, just to be prepared and ways to protect yourself and your business,” said Katie Fields, Missouri Small Business Development Center at MSSU Director.

A total of ten people participated in the class — either in-person or virtually.


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