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Balconies are lovely additions that can offer abundant vistas, but if they aren’t kept up with, they could also be a safety threat. If precautions aren’t taken to make them as safe as possible, they may also threaten young children or pets. For more information on balcony upkeep and safety, continue reading.

New Delhi: In a recent incident, a 5-year-old boy died on Friday after allegedly falling from the balcony of an 8th-floor flat in a high-rise group housing community. According to the police, the incident occurred at Hyde Park Society in Sector 78, which is inside the boundaries of Sector 113 police station. This happened at 5.45 am while the child’s parents were asleep.

They claimed that he stepped out onto the balcony because the door was left open. He climbed up the railing, which was about 4.5 feet high, and was playing there. Police said the child lost his balance and collapsed, suffering numerous wounds, including a severe head injury that ultimately caused his death.

Balconies are excellent for obtaining sunshine, fresh air, and stunning views. To prevent mishaps, it is crucial to put safety precautions first, especially if you have kids at home.

Balcony safety precautions range from ensuring the railing is high enough to keep the balcony doors closed tightly and avoiding storing anything on the balcony that could be used as a climbing aid.

Child-Safe Balcony railing

Parents and other adults must protect youngsters. Because they could pose a risk to children if not installed properly, child-safe balcony railings are crucial.

Fortunately, there are many choices for balcony railing designs on the market. They consist of the following:

  • Glass railings for a modern appearance
  • Traditional fences made with vertical bars
  • Vertical railings

(The final two must be spaced sufficiently to stop tiny children from climbing and preventing them from forcing themselves through – thereby lowering the risk of unintentional falls).

Balcony safety nets

Although balcony railings are necessary for balconies, you should supplement them with additional safety netting, safety mesh, or fence in your instance, especially if the barrier has gaps. Thus, balcony safety nets are crucial in any home with kids, older people, or pets. Installing a safety net can help prevent deadly accidents from occurring on balconies.

Balcony netting offers a solid barrier between people and a potential fall because it is robust but flexible. They offer security and improve the appearance of a house because they come in various colours and sizes to go with any style.

Repair your balcony

Look for loose, warped, or rotting boards as well as splinters. Smooth off any rough edges or splinters on the wood. With an electric screwdriver and wood screws, refasten any loose boards. Replace rotten or deformed wood with fresh timber.

Check for cracks and crumbling on concrete or stone balconies. Cement-based patching compound or masonry crack filler can mend thin cracks. Apply the crack filler along the crack length as you would caulk. According to the manufacturer’s directions, you can apply vinyl concrete patching compound with a putty knife or a trowel.

Look for any looseness, cracks, decaying, excessive rust, missing fasteners, or other problems that could compromise the structural integrity of the balcony when inspecting the support pillars, balusters, and railings.

Keep Balcony Furniture Secure

The safety of everyone using the balcony should come first when outfitting it. Unsecured outdoor furniture can easily be knocked over by strong winds or bad weather and could present young kids who enjoy climbing with a dangerous opportunity to do so.

Use strong anchors, such as wall and floor bolts, to firmly fix the furniture to the balcony surface and away from the railing in order to assure security.

By making an effort to make sure your balcony furniture is securely fastened, you and your family will have a secure outdoor area while safeguarding people walking by below.

Balcony Door Safety Locks

Window locks and balcony door safety locks are crucial safety equipment for kids. You may use the proper locks to ensure your children cannot access the balcony unattended.

Various window and balcony door locks are available, but it is frequently advised to install a multi-point lock on balcony doors for maximum security. These locks are simple to install, and you only need a few essential tools and time. You could engage a specialist to complete the task if you’re not handy.

Keep Balcony Clean

Our balconies may quickly become cluttered, making them dangerous places to be. This presents a risk for slips and falls in addition to being a haven for bugs and other dangers. It’s crucial to maintain your balcony to keep it secure routinely. This entails removing any potentially hazardous or loose objects that could obstruct access points or pose a trip hazard — cleaning away any dirt or debris accumulated over time.

Balcony lights

Proper illumination can make all the difference and prevent major accidents, whether you have a balcony off your bedroom, living room or even outside of your apartment building. Sadly, individuals occasionally venture outside on the balcony in the evening and trip over items left on the balcony floor. These types of mishaps can be avoided with some basic illumination.

Use slip-resistant flooring materials

It is essential to spend money on slip-resistant flooring materials. Today’s market offers many possibilities, making picking the ideal material for your balcony simple. There are many excellent slip-resistant options to protect your family from slips and falls, ranging from outdoor tiles with anti-slip qualities to rubber mats explicitly made for balconies.


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