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The recent cyberattack on Change Healthcare has brought the conversation around cybersecurity concerns to its zenith.

The ransonware attack on Change Healthcare has affected pharmacies across the country, with the industry estimated to be losing over $100 million a day. While ransomware attacks seem popular for health systems, cyberattacks are getting more sophisticated.

As always, HealthLeaders is keeping up with the latest cybersecurity and IT developments and insights. Here’s a round-up of recent articles in case you need to get caught up:

December 2023

HHS Tells Health Systems: Get Serious About Cybersecurity

The Health and Human Services Department raised the alarm for the healthcare sector to make cybersecurity a priority at the end of 2023. The agency presented a four-step plan to improve the sector’s defenses, which include establishing voluntary cybersecurity performance goals for the sector and providing resources to incentivize and implement cybersecurity practices.

January 2024

Latest Cyberattacks Target Revenue Cycle, Financial Employees

In January, the American Hospital Association released a statement alerting members of a new threat, where hackers pose as IT help desk staff to steal information from revenue cycle or financial workers, with the goal of accessing their accounts to change payment instructions to fraudulent U.S bank accounts.

February 2024

A Healthcare Headache: New Tech Often Means New Cybersecurity Concerns

When systems implement new technology, the vendor it’s working with may not have the same security standards. The race for digital expansion shows no signs of slowing down, and vendors are making their own efforts to ensure the security of their solutions, but the rate at which they evolve makes it difficult for systems security standards to keep up.

Montefiore Fined Almost $5 Million for HIPAA Violations

New York City’s Montefiore Medical Center must pay $4.75 million dollars to the Health and Human Services Department’s Office of Civil Rights for failing to secure patient data. Investigators found that the system failed to properly monitor its electronic health records, which left it unable to stop or detect a 2013 data breach until years later.

March 2024

Will the Change Healthcare Cyberattack Prompt a Federal Response?

The IT business unit of UnitedHealth was hit with a ransomware attack in late February and has affected thousands of pharmacies, resulting in a substantial loss of revenue. With the network being offline, providers have had to use alternative clearing houses to submit claims. The American Hospital Association has urged the HHS to take action and make funds and resources available to affected providers.


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