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Data is the lifeblood of Aston Martin Aramco. The team handles vast amounts of it in the pursuit of success and, to stay competitive, this data must be fully secured.

When Aston Martin returned to Formula One in 2021, we joined forces with SentinelOne as our Official Cybersecurity Partner, to enable us to manage our data and protect it with unparalleled intelligence and speed.

And, following the 2024 Miami Grand Prix, we headed to the RSA Conference, the largest cybersecurity event in the United States to take to the stage with SentinelOne and the rapidly evolving world of cybersecurity in motorsport.

As part of an illuminating panel discussion hosted by The Female Quotient, Aston Martin Aramco CIO Clare Lansley was joined by SentinelOne Chief Marketing Officer Sally Jenkins to discuss the importance of cybersecurity in both motorsport and wider business. And the pair were joined by Aston Martin Aramco Head of F1 Academy Jessica Hawkins and F1 Academy driver Tina Hausmann, to explore how women are challenging stereotypes within the worlds of motorsport and cybersecurity .

Here are just a selection of the key insights and thoughts from a thought-provoking discussion…

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Sally Jenkins on the origins of a natural partnership with Aston Martin Aramco:

“Aston Martin Aramco and SentinelOne both stand for precision and innovation. We’re technologically advanced, data-driven, AI-focused, and leveraging autonomy in our data in helping to keep us all safe and secure.

“As Aston Martin Aramco continues their journey around the world with all their races and the data they have to keep safe, because data is what’s driving the races, it seemed like a natural partnership [when we joined forces in 2021]. We’re proud of the progress we’ve made over the last few years through two leading brands coming together.”

Clare Lansley and Sally Jenkins on the role of AI in revolutionising cybersecurity in the motorsport industry and beyond:

CL: “In the past 18 months, we as a team have grown significantly. We’ve gone from 500 to 800 people.

“If you think about the trackside profile, we have approximately 150 people going to 24 events worldwide. It’s not just about keeping the data, devices and servers secure but also people’s personal devices.”

SJ: “The beauty of SentinelOne’s AI-powered platform is that it brings all of that data into a secure data lake, which helps IT teams get out in front and stay out in front of any threats.

“It helps the IT teams be more proactive about the insights they’re gathering from that data and what actions should be taken from that data. For any enterprise out there that’s built its business on data, it has to protect it and think about how AI plays a role in that.”

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Clare Lansley on how cybersecurity drives safety both on and off the track:

“You need to have a cybersecurity strategy. You’ve got to get your policies and protocols right. These actors evolve constantly. Your strategy and process have got to evolve in real-time to keep up with those threats.

“IT is as critical to the operations of an F1 team as engineering. If you’re trackside and the IT goes down, you’re blind. It completely impacts your race strategy: suddenly, you don’t know how tyres and other components are performing.

“From the sensors alone, we get 50 billion data points per car per race. All that data has to be beamed back to the AMR Technology Campus securely. Back at our Campus, if there was a cyber-attack or ransomware, you can’t put components in the wind tunnel. It would impact our manufacturing operations. It would completely impact performance on the track.”

Sally Jenkins on parallels between women in cyber and women in motorsport:

“It’s sometimes unusual to be working with a female CIO, so I’m excited to be here with Clare to hear how she’s leveraging the power of SentinelOne to protect data and also to understand how important that data is to races.

“Shining a light on women in cyber is just as important as it is in Formula 1 to drive diversity and I’m thankful to The Female Quotient and Deloitte for raising awareness around how many more women we need in Formula One and cyber by amplifying the voices of women currently in these industries.”

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Jessica Hawkins on how the sport is driving diversity, empowering women and paving the way for a more inclusive future:

“Compared to when I started racing 20 years ago, there are so many more women in the sport – it’s setting an example to younger generations, who are able to follow in their footsteps and know that there are career paths in motorsport for them.

“We’re still not quite where we need to be in terms of ratio, and work still needs to be done, but we’re certainly a lot further forward than we were when I first started.

“What F1 Academy is doing, and W Series did in the past, is giving an opportunity to drivers like Tina and myself that perhaps wouldn’t have that opportunity without them. It’s also giving the next generation the chance to see that a career in motorsport is an option for them.”

Tina Hausmann on turning a dream into reality:

“I love everything about the sport. I love being a racing driver, the travelling, the data analysis, the athletic side behind the sport. It’s just amazing. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

“This year’s slogan of the RSA Conference is ‘the art of possible’. That’s very inspiring because everything is possible as long as you believe in it and you want to pursue your dream. It’s no longer a dream if you really do everything to make it possible; it will be the truth.”

Watch the full panel discussion below to learn more about how we’re teaming up with SentinelOne to revolutionise cybersecurity in motorsport and drive safety both on and off the track.

RSA 2024

Sally Jenkins, Clare Lansley, Jessica Hawkins and Tina Hausmann join forces to discuss the importance of cybersecurity and how women are challenging stereotypes within the worlds of motorsport and cybersecurity.


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RSA 2024

Jessica Hawkins and Tina Hausmann met up with SentinelOne at RSA 2024 to discuss their careers, F1 Academy and how women in the motorsports and cybersecurity industries can be empowered.


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