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Cyber threats have grown into a monster-sized problem as digital transformation expands the potential attack surface with every new application and device connected to organizational networks. In 2021 alone, cybercrime cost the world over $1 trillion with projections estimating 10-fold growth over the next few years. Governments and enterprises are desperately searching for solutions to counter the rising tide of cybersecurity risks.

And one promising approach leverages the pattern recognition power of machine learning models. By training algorithms on volumes of data that would be humanly impossible to analyze, AI and ML have the capacity to automatically detect anomalies and prevent threats in real-time.

To understand why machine intelligence offers a much needed lifeline, it helps to grasp the chaotic scale at which digital threats operate today:

  • Millions of malware varieties: New malicious software crop up at a rate of over 500,000 per day making it impossible to create signatures and patches for everything.
  • Billions of login attempts: Credential stuffing attacks that take stolen passwords and try them across different online services hit over 100 billion attempts per year.
  • Daily mega breaches: Even large companies with security budgets upwards of $20 million suffer from regular data breaches like the travel tech provider Sabre which leaked details of 38 million travelers in 2020.
  • Hyper-connectivity: Workforces now access cloud apps and remote devices from anywhere while increased IoT smart sensors make infrastructure and manufacturing prime targets. Far more threat surfaces exist than IT teams can track manually.
  • Well-funded adversaries: Cybercrime has exploded into a trillion dollar business with bad actors wielding commercial scale resources. The Russian cybercriminal group Evil Corp alone has stolen over $100 million.

This extreme scale of cyber risks threatens essential services like healthcare, finance, energy grids and…


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