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Last Updated on 25th October 2023 by Sophie Nadeau

Paris. Land of the Eiffel Tower, buttery croissants, and one of the most gorgeous cities in the world. If you have a trip to Europe planned, then no doubt Paris is close to the top of your list. Unfortunately, Paris is also one of the most expensive places to visit on the continent. And so, if you’re wondering ‘how much does a trip to Paris cost?’ (including tips on how to save money), then this is the post for you.

My name is Sophie and I have lived in Paris for many years, and written about it for even longer. I’m even married to a local! In this guide, I’ll break down the different things you need to budget for when planning a trip to the city, as well as some of the areas where you can save money in Paris.

The currency of France is the Euro (€) and so this is the currency that we’ll be using for this article. My top money recommendation for Paris would be to carry a card and cash on you at all times as some places only take card payments, while others will only accept cash if your payment is under a certain amount (i.e. €10).

where to stay in paris hotel chopinwhere to stay in paris hotel chopin

Getting to Paris

Getting to Paris is probably the part of your budget that will vary the most depending on where you’re coming from. I’m currently mainly based in London and so opt to take the Eurostar. If you want to get the best Eurostar rates, then you should book at least two to three months in advance. You should also avoid peak times if possible (i.e. Friday evening and Sunday evening).

Paris is also served by train connections from all over mainland Europe, including Amsterdam, Brussels, and other French cities. I would always recommend booking train tickets at least a month ahead of your trip as tickets tend to get more and more expensive as the date of your planned trip gets closer.

If you’re planning to visit Paris by plane, then there are five airports: Charles de Gaulle, Orly, Beauvais, Vatry and Le Bourget airport. However, I would only fly into Charles de Gaulle or Orly as these are the only two which are a) close to Paris and b) have good public transportation.

If you fly into Charles de Gaulle (often abbreviated to CDG for short) or Orly, then there are fixed taxi prices into the city centre that you can take advantage of (be sure that your taxi driver charges the correct rate and not more- this is a scam that almost happened to me one time when going home to Paris).

The cheapest times to fly into Paris tend to be during the shoulder and low season. The most expensive months to travel typically are from the end of May through to the end of August. If you are planning a trip several months ahead of time, set up a price alert for flights to Paris.

Cost of accommodation in Paris

One aspect of planning a trip to Paris that can be particularly pricey is accommodation. If you’ve seen the news recently, then you’ll know that bedbugs are unfortunately quite common in the city and so I would never skimp on accommodation and always check reviews thoroughly before booking anywhere

With this being said, solid budget hostels and hotels can be found (though, of course, they will be pricier than some of the less desirable budget hostels). For a good hostel bed in Paris, you’ll be looking at around €50 per night.

Hôtel de la Marine, 8th arrondissement Paris FranceHôtel de la Marine, 8th arrondissement Paris France

Mid-range hotels tend to cost around €150-€200, meaning that you can expect to spend around €100 per person by night when splitting. Luxury five-star hotels tend to be much more expensive than somewhere like London and you can expect to pay anything from €350 – €700 per night. Here are some of our hotel suggestions for the city:

Where to stay in Paris

Mandarin Oriental: Located along rue Saint-Honoré, which is famous for its many shops, this five-star luxurious accommodation is home to highlights like a marble lobby and beautiful courtyard. Check availability and rates here!

Shangri-La: If you’re looking to seriously splurge on a romantic stay during your time in the city, then this hotel faces the Eiffel Tower, is home to a 2 Michelin star restaurant and spa facilities. Check availability and rates here!

Luxury experience: The Hoxton: For those who are looking for the ultimate luxury experience when staying in Paris, The Hoxton has it all. Charm and several beautiful communal guest spaces including a stunning bar and restaurant, other highlights of the hotel include breakfast options, WiFi, and room service. Check prices and availability here.

The Hoxton Hotel Paris FranceThe Hoxton Hotel Paris France

Mid-range boutique stay: Hôtel Fabric: As you might gather from its name, Hôtel Fabric is set against the backdrop of a former textile factory and simply oozes charm. Beautiful and with friendly staff, this four-star hotel is welcoming and is located just a fifteen-minute walk away from Le Marais area of the city. Check prices and availability here.

Mid-range: Hotel Petit Paris: Not far from the Luxembourg Gardens and close to the Latin Quarter of the city, this boutique hotel is in the perfect position for exploring Paris on foot. From here, it’s easy to explore top Parisian attractions such as the Paris Pantheon, as well as the Saint Germain des Prés area of the city. Check availability and rates here!

Affordable chic: Hôtel Chopin: Located within one of the covered passages of Paris, in the 9th arrondissement, and close to all the action (the nearby Grands Boulevards are full of bars and restaurants), Hôtel Chopin is a small hotel offering affordable rooms. Amenities include a restaurant and spa on site. Check prices and availability here.

Budget hostel: Generator Hostel: Those in search of an affordable option, Paris has a number of hostels which are fairly conveniently located. This hostel is situated close to the lively area of Canal Saint Martin and offers mixed-sex and female-only dorms. Check prices and availability here.

Cost of eating and drinking in Paris

This is a part of your budget which you can be pretty flexible with, especially considering how many cheap eats and street food places there are in the city. Paris is also full of grocery stores and so, if you book a self-catered accommodation, then you can save plenty of money by preparing your own meals. For more information, check out our guide to supermarkets in France.

Breakfast in Paris: To be honest, a typical French breakfast is a pretty light affair, comprising of a pastry together with a coffee. Pastries will set you back anything from €1 (when bought from the supermarket and not the best quality) to €2 (a typical boulangerie produces great vienoisseries and so opt to buy your breakfast at a French bakery when possible).

french breakfast guidefrench breakfast guide

Brunch/ lunch in Paris: Over the past decade or so, getting a brunch in Paris has become pretty popular, with trendy spots serving up everything from traditional English breakfasts to pancake stacks popping up all over the city. A brunch formula (including drinks) will typically cost €30.

Lunch in Paris is often regarded to be the most important meal of the day, and many French people enjoy brasserie lunches. A main course at a traditional brasserie will cost you around €25. One way in which you can save money is by ordering free tap water to the table by asking for a ‘carafe’.

Another way you could save money is by opting to get a takeaway sandwich or wrap. This will usually cost you around €7-€10. I absolutely love getting takeaway falafel from L’As du Fallafel for a quick and easy lunch. Another popular option is to buy a sandwich at a bakery for a cost of around €7.

Where to Eat Truffles in Paris (Truffle Restaurants & Shops)Where to Eat Truffles in Paris (Truffle Restaurants & Shops)

Dinner in Paris: Much like lunch, you can spend money how you like when it comes to dinner options. There’s everything available from going to the grocery store to dining out in a Michelin star fine dining restaurant.

If you want to go for dinner for two people and get a decent bottle of wine (I am talking about a mid-range establishment where you get a starter and main dish), then you’re looking at around €120- (€10 starter, €20 main, and €20 for half a bottle of wine).

Coffee on a terrace: Good coffee isn’t hard to come by, but you won’t find it by heading to a traditional café with a people watching terrace. Specialty coffee will cost you around €6 (check here for our guide to the best cafes in Paris). If you want to go to a people watching terrace, then you can expect to spend around €2.50 for an espresso.

Going to a wine or cocktail bar: Wine is much cheaper in France than even in other parts of Europe and a good glass of wine these days will cost you around €7-€8. A cocktail will set you back €12-€15 depending on the establishment. If you want to find cheaper drinks, then head to a bar with a Happy Hour.

Here's How to Recreate the Paris Experience in Your HomeHere's How to Recreate the Paris Experience in Your Home

Cost of getting around Paris

Paris has one of the best public transportation systems in the world and it should be your first go-to when getting around the city. Although I prefer to walk as much as possible (after all, Paris is like a huge open museum), if you’re rushing to get to a reservation or exhibition, then taking the metro or the bus is an excellent option.

Bus and metro tickets within Paris cost exactly the same price. This is also the case for the RER (regional train) within the city limits of Paris. However, do watch out as the typically metro tickets will let you board the regional train but aren’t actually valid outside of the city limits and you could end up with a fine.

The best priced option is to purchase an Easy Navigo Pass at a metro station office and then top it up with a ‘carnet’. A pack of 10 rides currently costs €16.90, meaning that each trip will only cost €1.69.

Unfortunately, you can’t transfer between the bus and metro with the same ticket and this will cost you the price of a new one. Taking the funicular in Montmartre also counts as a single use ticket.

Art of Abbesses metro stationArt of Abbesses metro station

Cost of activities and entertainment in Paris

The first thing you should note is that there are actually dozens upon dozens of free things to do in Paris, and if you’re travelling on a budget this is one area where you can save plenty of cash, particularly if you opt to skip out on pricier attractions such as The Louvre or going up The Eiffel Tower.

Most Paris museums are priced between €10 and €20 and, if you’re planning on visiting enough of them during your stay, then you could buy the Paris Museum Pass. To work out if it will save you money, add up the cost of all of the attractions you want to visit and see which option would be cheaper.

There are some things that I totally recommend doing and that are definitely worth spending the money on. This includes going on a Seine River cruise (the cheaper ones start at around €15) and visiting the Musée d’Orsay. For more information on what to plan in advance, check out our guide on what to book in advance in Paris.

Total budget for a trip to Paris (average daily cost)

  • Hotel €100 (hotel room split in two)
  • Food €90 (breakfast €7, lunch €20, dinner €50, coffee/ drinks €13)
  • Transportation €16.90 (10 metro rides)
  • Activities €40

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how much does a trip to paris cost/ budget breakdown of how much to save for a visit to paris france europehow much does a trip to paris cost/ budget breakdown of how much to save for a visit to paris france europe

Sophie Nadeau loves dogs, books, travel, pizza, and history. A Francophile at heart, she runs when she’s not chasing after the next sunset shot or consuming something sweet. She splits her time between Paris and London and travels as much as she can! Subscribe to Sophie’s YouTube Channel.


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