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How School Alert Systems Help Create a Culture of Safety

School administrators create a culture of safety by choosing school alert systems that include mobile panic alert buttons.

To provide high-quality education, school staff members must feel secure enough to devote all their energies to teaching. Administrators can nurture this sense of security by investing in school alert systems that allow staff to call for help anytime, from anywhere on campus. A reliable and effective school alert system connects school staff to law enforcement and first responders in emergencies.

School administrations develop the safety protocols appropriate for their individual districts and schools. These protocols, in combination with school alert systems that include mobile panic alert buttons, make schools safer. Reliable school alert systems and effective training in safety protocols create a culture of safety in schools. This culture fosters quality teaching and learning and demonstrates administrators’ commitment to staff and student safety.

Help in Every Situation

As every educator knows, school days are unpredictable. Recent increases in violence on school campuses exacerbate the need for adequate school alert systems. In a poll by the American Psychological Association, school psychologists (18 percent), school administrators (15 percent) and other school staff (22 percent) reported at least one violent incident by a student in 2021. As of September 2023, 188 shootings with casualties occurred at public and private elementary schools. But these are not the only types of emergencies that occur in schools. Other examples include:

  • extreme weather incidents
  • student elopement
  • medical emergencies
  • behavioral incidents and altercations between students

In any of these instances, teachers and staff should be able to call for and receive assistance immediately. Effective school alert systems allow administrators to enact safety protocols immediately following an alert. They also foster instant communication between school staff and emergency responders. In an emergency, this communication can save lives.

School Alert Systems Defined

The central function of a school alert system is to ensure that everyone on campus is connected and easily able to communicate with emergency responders. On a campus with a school alert system, teachers, staff and administrators can all initiate emergency alerts and set safety protocols in motion. Because many incidents in school are time-sensitive, an effective school alert system must enable instant alerts.

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