How the Cybercrime Atlas Initiative — Backed by Fortinet — Combats Global Security Threats | #cybercrime | #infosec

In episode 101 of the Cybersecurity Minute, Acceleration Economy practitioner analyst Frank Domizio discusses a new initiative, the Cybercrime Atlas, a collaborative effort to defeat cybercrime.

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00:26 — The Cybercrime Atlas aims to combat the global threat of cybercrime. It brings together businesses, law enforcement agencies, and threat intelligence researchers.

01:09 — Fortinet, a member of Acceleration Economy’s Top 10 Cybersecurity Shortlist, is supporting this groundbreaking initiative. With its expertise in cybersecurity and network technology, Fortinet brings a wealth of knowledge to the table.

02:10 — A key aspect of the Cybercrime Atlas is its focus on global awareness and information sharing. By mapping out the evolving cyber-threat landscape, the initiative provides a holistic view of cybercriminals’ ever-changing tactics.

02:53 — The Cybercrime Atlas initiative can help stakeholders work together to create a more secure cyberspace that fosters innovation; protects our critical infrastructure; and safeguards the interests of individuals and organizations.

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