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How this Thalassery auto driver ensured school children’s safety moments before death | #schoolsaftey

Thalassery: Even when Nixon trembled in death rattle on his driving seat, his heart ached for the safety of the children in his auto. His tragic demise has left Thalassery in tears.

The 52-year-old auto-taxi driver Nixon James from Gopalpetta, Thalassery collapsed to death during a daily trip to drop school children at their homes.

Nixon felt unwell when he reached Gopalpetta at 4.20 pm on Friday. He crashed the auto into a nearby wall and sounded the horn. Although he collapsed in the driving seat, he did not take his hand off the horn.

The constant honking and cries of the children helped alert people in the area. They rushed to find the unconscious driver trapped between the steering wheel.

Though rushed to the hospital immediately, the attempt to save Nixon’s life turned futile.

His funeral will be held at St Peter’s Church, Chalil. He is survived by his wife Reshma Surendran and son Olwin Nixon.

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