How to avoid a ransomware attack | #ransomware | #cybercrime

Not that long ago, the term “ransom” was used mainly in relation to kidnappings.

An important or wealthy person would be seized by criminals, who would demand a huge amount of money, or some political or legal concession.

These stories often made for exciting movies or television dramas, but they were tragically common in real life.  

These days, many criminals have moved into the virtual world, and it is data rather than people being snatched and held for monetary reward. 

As Australian Federal Police (AFP) Commander Chris Goldsmid says in one of a series of videos released for Cyber Security Awareness Month (CSAM), it’s a type of crime that is becoming more common as our reliance on computers and other internet-connected devices increases.

The CSAM theme for 2023, “Be cyber wise – don’t compromise”, encourages businesses and individuals to take these four steps:

  • Update your devices regularly.

  • Turn-on multi-factor authentication.

  • Backup your important files.

  • Use passphrases and password managers.

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