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By Kendall Jenkins on 2023-06-27 07:14:00

The popularity of online dating is a coin that has two sides. Firstly, the convenience of finding new friends or a soul mate. Secondly, the risk of the abundance of scammers and fraudsters on such sites.

Today, more than half of the users of popular dating services report that they have experienced deception or fraud. The losses that users of online dating sites incur annually are estimated at millions of dollars. This is a huge amount of money that people give to internet fraudsters voluntarily.

How to avoid falling for the tricks of scammers to save your money? This will be explained below.

The easiest way is to communicate via video

There is one thing that is typical for most scammers — they mainly communicate with “victims” exclusively in text chat and are extremely reluctant to switch to video communication. Therefore, if your offers to communicate via video are ignored in every possible way, there is a risk that you have met a scammer.

This is where our first piece of advice comes in – communicate more via video. Moreover, you can get acquainted through video chat. You can use some of the popular video chats we have provided below to communicate with strangers:

  • Wow: This is a classic random videochat for those who love dating and video communication. If you prefer to see the interlocutor in front of you and want to expand the circle of potential acquaintances, you need to try the Wow video chat.

  • Camsurf: This is a simple random video chat in which you can use a gender filter, specify your preferred language of communication, and search for interlocutors by interests. Additionally, Camsurf has some paid features like hiding location, verification icon, introductory message, etc.

  • CooMeet: This is a random video chat with girls with an error-free gender filter, age filter, built-in message translator, excellent moderation service, and quality apps for iOS and Android. If you value comfort and convenience in online dating, CooMeet is surely a real find for you.

  • Chatspin: This is quite a classic video chat with a gender filter. It has one interesting feature for strangers. We are talking about built-in AI masks that can hide your face until you decide to open it for the interlocutor. This can be very helpful for those who are concerned about their anonymity and confidentiality.

  • Monkey: This is a minimalistic video chat where you can chat tête-à-tête, meet couples, and organize and attend group chats with many participants. If you are interested in this format of communication, we advise you to try it out!

  • Holla: This is a combination of random video chat and dating apps. Its users have profiles that can be viewed, and thus, learn basic information about a person even before the first video conversation.

  • Chathub: This is a video chat with language and gender filters that focuses on user privacy and security. The service does not have an official mobile application, but the web version is well-adapted for mobile browsers, which ensures convenience when it is used.

  • Bermuda: This is a random video chat with gender and geographic filters, as well as a huge library of video effects and stickers. If you want to diversify your communication and make it better, Bermuda will give you that opportunity.

  • Randochat: This is a random video chat roulette for iOS and Android smartphones. In part, Randomchat can also be called a traditional dating app because users here have more informative profiles than in classic Chatroulette. However, you should not expect Tinder or Badoo level of functionality in such a traditional dating app.

Dating in a random video chat is more secure by default than in a regular text chat. It is more difficult for the interlocutor to mislead you if the conversation takes place “face to face.” At least, they will not be able to impersonate another person. It will be hard for them to do so.

On the other hand, we live in an era of rapid development of neural networks and AI technologies, which can change a person’s appearance and voice beyond recognition. Therefore, it is definitely not worth relying entirely on what you see and hear. It is important to follow the basic rules of protection against scams on the Internet, which we will discuss below.

Simple tips to protect yourself from scammers on the web

Use only reputable and trusted dating sites/apps and video chats

In search of something new, users often choose little-known dating sites and apps. Sometimes, this is the right strategy. However, there are other situations. Dating services are often disguised as various kinds of phishing and other fraudulent sites whose sole purpose is to collect your personal data and gain access to confidential information. A logical piece of advice follows from this: if you are not sure about the security of an online platform and there is little information about it on the Web, you should avoid using that site or app. Do not voluntarily incur unnecessary risks.

Don’t give your interlocutor too much personal information

Do not give out your full name, address, phone number, or other sensitive information until you are 100% sure that there is no intruder in front of you. It is better not to disclose the aforementioned information in any way. Also, do not disclose information about your friends, relatives, colleagues, and so on. Believe us, some scammers pull off the most complicated schemes to find out more information about their “victim.” You can become a victim without any form of suspicion.

Be wary of unrealistic promises from your interlocutor.

Beware of those who seem too good to be real or make unrealistic promises. Scammers often use flattery statements and promises of wealth, love, and happiness to ingratiate themselves and put your guard down. If you have just met a person, and they are already starting to confess their love to you and make fabulous plans for your future together, this is a scammer with a probability of 99%.

Do not send money to anyone under any circumstances

It would seem that the advice is obvious. However, for some personal reasons, not everyone adheres to the advice. If the intruder managed to lull your guard, you are trapped! They may ask you for money for a variety of “important” purposes, such as a ticket to travel to where you are, unexpected medical expenses, and so on. Ask yourself a simple question: why is this person asking for money from you, a stranger on the Internet, and not from their friends, relatives, or colleagues? The second question is; why should you transfer money to someone you have never seen in your life? Remember the simplest rule: if any “money request” pops up during an acquaintance, you are obviously dealing with a scammer.

Trust your intuition

Yes, this advice is a bit abstract, but trust us, it works great most times. We are sure that if you have been using dating services for a long time, you might have the feeling that “something is not right” with your interlocutor. At the same time, you can’t explain exactly what it is, but you feel some kind of threat or discomfort on a subconscious level. Most likely, these feelings are not groundless. Listen to them and don’t try to fight them. Your intuition can really protect you from scammers. Do not ignore it!

Let’s summarize

No matter how much we want it, there is no 100% protection against scammers. Attackers come up with new deceptive schemes every day, and it can be difficult to quickly adapt to them. You may think that there is nothing suspicious with the interlocutor because they are open to you and sincerely want to develop your relationship. Maybe it is. Nonetheless, this is a deception to get into your confidence.

Therefore, we will consolidate: if possible, get acquainted and communicate in a random video chat, approach Internet dating with a “sober head,” and not give free rein to emotions. Make sure you follow the basic rules of Internet safety, even if they seem a bit banal and too obvious to you; this is not a reason to ignore them!

We wish you only interesting, promising, and safe online dating. We hope our recommendations will help you avoid unpleasant situations, and save you time and money. Good luck!

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