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It is always best to practice caution online.

There’s no denying it — K-Pop can be a costly hobby.  From buying merchandise to attending concerts, fans can spend thousands of dollars supporting their favorite idols in different ways. 

Unrelated photo of multiple BTS albums | @rkivex/Instagram

In an effort to save money, fans can sometimes be left vulnerable to scams wishing to take advantage of those who do not know any better. Recently, scammers have moved on from their previous targets and begun targeting K-Pop fans on social media.

While scrolling on Tiktok, users have likely run into a slideshow with an image of a group, usually captioned something expressing shock over a group’s alleged actions.

The next slide will usually show a checkout page featuring the group’s merchandise at massively discounted rates.

The last slide will have a faked screenshot of one of the group’s official social media accounts announcing they will have a limited-time promotion for fans. This message will include a code to be used on the “partnered” app Temu, where you are supposed to receive a massive discount.

Temu is a discount app that features a variety of products at cheap rates.  Users of the app can earn rewards for inviting people to use their referral code, which is what these TikTok scammers are doing.

| Temu

While it may seem obvious to some that these are not real “collaborations” with these K-Pop groups, others have admitted to nearly falling for the scam posts.


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| @nayeonsleftb0ob/TikTok
| @nayeonsleftb0ob/TikTok

One way to avoid scams is to double-check your favorite K-Pop group’s social media pages for such messages. In doing this, you can also find the sites that sell official merch, usually listed in a link.

NCT 127’s linked merchandise list. | SM Entertainment

Fans are not the only people to fall for scams; check out how one idol dealt with being scammed ten times below.

The 2nd Generation K-Pop Idol Who Was Scammed 10 Times

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