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The default browser on your iPhone can be changed by following a few simple steps. By changing it, any URL or web-based file you tap on will open in your browser of choice, as long as your phone supports it.

Here’s how to change the default browser on your iPhone.

How to Switch the Default Browser on iPhone

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To be able to change the default browser on your iPhone or iPad for ease of use and access to additional features, there are some pre-requisites:

  • Make sure your device has iOS 14, iPadOS 14, or a newer version of iOS.
  • Check if the desired browser app supports iOS or iPadOS.
  • Download the preferred app from App Store and install it.

To change your default browser, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Settings and scroll down. You will find your browser app.
  2. Tap on the browser app and tap on Default Browser App.
  3. Select the new web browser you want to set as. A tick appears to confirm that it is the default app.

That’s about it. It is that easy to change the default browser on your iPhone.

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Remember, to use the new browser app as your default browser, you do not have to delete Safari. In the future, if you regret your decision to switch to a new app, you can always revert to Safari by following the steps above.

Also, if you uninstall the new browser app after you decide you don’t need it, your phone will automatically revert to using Safari as your default web browser.

In case you uninstall Safari, you will have to reinstall it again to use it as your browser app.

Why Should You Change Your Default Browser on iPhone?

Many iPhone users are switching to other web browsers due to security reasons.

Many people have switched to other iOS browsing apps ever since Apple rolled out the iOS 14 update, and there are many reasons for doing so. The primary reason for this is user-friendliness and more features than Safari.

Here are some other reasons people are switching to browsers other than Safari:

  • Safari has a lot of security flaws, such as address bar spoofing, arbitrary code execution, and cross-site scripting attacks, as reported by CVE Details. Also, Flash does not work well with Safari.
  • Safari has a lack of customization options that other competitor browsers offer.
  • Safari doesn’t offer the option to automatically delete cookies when you exit the app.
  • Safari doesn’t have a restore session feature.

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Switch to a Different Web Browser and Enjoy Its Many Features

To sum up, changing your default browser on the iPhone is quite easy. Switching to a new browser will allow you to explore and experience different features of other web browsers.

With this simple guide, you can also switch back to Safari when you want to circle back to it!

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