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Microsoft’s Windows comes with Edge as its default browser.

Just recently, Microsoft’s support for its other browser, Internet Explorer, officially ended a few days ago on June 15. That makes the company focus its efforts on transitioning its clients towards Edge as their browser.

Some of us have preferred using a certain browser over another. In some cases, a lot of you might prefer using multiple browsers for different tasks.

You are not required to use the default browser or to restrict yourself to the most popular browsers like Chrome.

You can experiment with a variety of browsers, and you should try your hand at doing so, especially in this day and age when practically all of the major technology corporations are collecting and selling the data they obtain for advertising.

There are many different web browsers available, but some of the more popular ones include Brave, Firefox, and Tor Browser.

How To Change Windows 11 Default Browser

Windows 11 is the latest product from Microsoft. Microsoft has chosen to make Edge the default web browser for computers running Windows 11, much like it did with previous versions. You can, however, change it by making a few straightforward adjustments under Settings.

A few months back from its beta testing, changing the default browser was a little bit challenging. However, as recommended by MUO, here is one way you can try it out.

In the search bar of the Start menu, type “settings” and then select the option that provides the most relevant results. Alternatively, you can press Win + I simultaneously. Choose the Applications option from the drop-down menu under Settings, and then pick Default Apps from that menu.

Now that you have found the browser you want to use, the final step is to select the Set default option in order to make this browser your default browser.

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Another Way to Change Windows 11 Default Browser

The strategy described above will suffice for the vast majority of Windows users and make it easy for them to complete their tasks. However, in extremely rare circumstances, just like with anything having to do with technology, it could fail on you; in these cases, you could try this hack instead.

You may then make the necessary adjustments by going to the settings page of the specific browser you would like to use as your default browser, and navigating to that page from there.

  • For example, if you prefer using the Chrome browser, all you have to do is click the settings button, and then select the Settings option from the drop-down menu that appears.

  • Now choose to Get Started, and when the default browser pops up, select the Make Default option that is placed in front of it. From this point on, Chrome will serve as your default web browser.

This method would also be similar if you wanted to use other browsers like Firefox or Brave. Again, just search on the web for your preferred browser, go to its Settings button, then go to the General Settings page, and select the Make Default option from there.

Windows 11 has released numerous patch upgrades to its operating system to make it easier for all of its users. Additionally, other browsers would have a shortcut button to make it easier for users to choose their browser as the default.

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