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The human element between technology and business

In order to justify the establishment of an incident management team, the most important goal for an information security manager is to determine the potential business benefits from incident impact reduction. Business benefits from incident impact reduction are the most important goal for establishing an incident management team (ISACA).

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In Isabella Brusati’s PROSCI article on Digital Transformation she mentions the sentiments of several global business leaders:

“As digitalization reshapes business, ROI is increasingly defined by how well IT leaders align technology with business value.

Peter Sondergaard, the former Executive VP of Gartner, highlights a shift in the landscape for IT professionals on ROI:
“Digitalization is increasing the demand for IT leaders to understand how technology underpins business processes. A third of IT workers in digital businesses will require a working knowledge of the principles of business to advance.”

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, emphasizes that customer value is the main way to measure how successful an innovation is.
“The true measure of our innovation is the value we create for our customers, and by that measure, we’re accelerating.”

Digital transformation success relies on IT melding technology with business goals to enhance customer experiences. This customer value is the real measure of your digital ROI.” Isabella Brusati

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Isabella goes on to introduce the concept of Digital Transformation Management (DTM). And the main point I want to drive home here, from her article, is her point on Empathy and Collaboration.

“…Empathy is more than a value — it’s a practice. It’s about understanding and collaborating across all levels of the organization to ensure that every transition is smooth and considerate of the human element.” Isabella Brusati

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When you’re going through a cyber attack, an incident response plan is extremely important. But so are the nerves and well-being of your plan team-members. So be kind to yourself by building your community up early. Involve your business peers by working through what business processes might be protected by your incident response plan, and strengthen your protection.

You got this.

Happy leadership.


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