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You’re target No. 1 for hackers. Get this: 80% of schools suffered ransomware attacks last year. That number is only growing. 

We’re No. 1

Security company Sophos polled IT professionals, including 400 who work in education. U.S. institutions are a “prime target” — much more than schools in other countries.

Why? Problem one is that schools (and their data) aren’t as well protected as major businesses. They’re an easier target. Problem two: They’ve given in too often. The report shows that 47% of last year’s ransomware attacks led to payments. Hackers will keep shaking a tree that rains cash.

How does your industry fare?

Here’s a breakdown of ransomware attacks by industry.

  • Lower education: 80%
  • Higher education: 79%
  • Construction: 71%
  • Central/federal government: 70%
  • Media, leisure, entertainment: 70%
  • Local/state government: 69%
  • Retail: 69%
  • Energy, oil/gas, utilities: 67%
  • Distribution and transport: 67%
  • Financial services: 64%

“So, Kim, how the heck do I avoid this stuff?”

The short answer: Sound cybersecurity comes from the top down, and you can’t overcome a company’s inadequate security practices alone. What you can do is be extra aware, especially if you work in one of the industries above.

Think twice before you click links, don’t download attachments you weren’t expecting, keep an eye on your work laptop and phone, and immediately report anything amiss to your IT department.


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