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In the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout 76, you must do whatever it takes to survive, and Terminal Hacking is one of them. This is a game mechanic from Fallout 4 of the Fallout series that can give you access to the in-game terminals. To hack a terminal properly, you must dig deep into the codes provided to you on a computer screen. Terminal hacking has three difficulties that increase proportionately with terminal levels. In short, it’s a mini-game inside the title that players can crack by guessing the correct word.

Terminal hacking in Fallout 76 is difficult, and not everyone can hack it. That said, this guide will explain everything you need to hack terminals efficiently.

How to hack terminals in Fallout 76

Terminal can be hacked by selecting the right words among various on the screen ( Image via Bethesda Game Studios)
Terminal can be hacked by selecting the right words among various on the screen ( Image via Bethesda Game Studios)

When trying to hack a terminal, you’ll be presented with a computer screen displaying multiple symbols and words. You can successfully hack the terminal if you choose the right word from among all of them. You can select it by clicking the word. The in-game mechanism will offer you four chances to hack the terminal. If you’re unsuccessful, you’ll be thrown out of the mini-game, and you’ll have to start all over again.

Remove Duds: There are various ways to make hacking terminals easy. The first way to do so is by removing fake words from the screen. You can remove fake words by clicking on codes such as ({), [], (“^.@), and so on. These codes begin and end with the same symbol. Clicking on these symbols will either remove dud words or give you more chances to select the right word.

Select words: After removing the dud words, you can proceed with selecting words. The easiest way to decode these words is by looking at their likenesses. First, you must select a word and look at its likeness as the correct word. If the wrong word was “CONTROL,” and it had the likeness of “1,” you have to look for similar words such as “CONTEXT.” Doing this can increase your chances of finding the password. While this might not always be the case, the chances of this happening are quite high.

Keep in mind that these challenges will get harder as you continue leveling up. While hacking terminals can be difficult in Fallout 76, you can unlock achievements, gather blueprints, and various other in-game items by hacking.

Perk Cards: Perk Cards are extremely important while hacking terminals. Hacker, Expert Hacker, and Master Hacker are Perk cards you’ll need to simplify the hacking process. These perks will level up your hacking skills and reduce the wait time in terminals before you can attempt hacking them again.

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