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How to increase merit in BGMI (May 2022) | #cybersecurity | #cyberattack | #hacking | #aihp

Krafton has always tried to make BGMI a safe and user-friendly battle royale title for mobile gamers in India. Owing to this, it has incorporated several new features and mechanisms. However, among them all, the new merit system has worked efficiently in the last few months.

A player’s merit can be seen by visiting their in-game profile. However, while standing in the lobby, they can see the merit points of those who already have lower merit.

While lower merit can result in restrictions, the title will reward users handsomely for having high merit.

Steps BGMI players can follow to increase in-game merit

Every user begins their Battlegrounds Mobile India gaming journey with in-game merit of 100. However, it can decrease if they hack the game or harm their teammates and are reported by them.

If this continues daily, the developers can restrict such gamers from playing specific modes.

Therefore, they should know how to increase their merit if it is deducted. Here’s a look at how players can improve their merit in the new 2.0 update in BGMI.

  • Finish between 51 and 100 – One point merit increase
  • Finish between 11 and 50 – Two points merit increase
  • Finish in Top 10 – Three points merit increase

Users must remember that although gaining merit points is free, it takes a long time to reach 100 merits if lots of points are deducted initially.

What causes merit points to be deducted in BGMI?

Back in the 1.6 update, BGMI witnessed many hackers ruining the essence of the BR mode. This led the developers to take strict measures and introduce a new anti-cheat engine and a revamped merit system in the 1.8 update.


This witnessed hackers getting banned permanently and gamers playing safely. However, occasionally, some miscreants try to spoil the game by abusing or attacking teammates, while others still try to hack.

The new merit system restricts them from playing matches when others report them, thereby dismissing their entire plan. Here’s a look at the reasons that lead to merit deductions in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

  • Violation of language – Merit deductions and muting. If done continuously, the penalty increases, and more merit deductions are made.
  • Spreading ads or illegal information – Merit deductions, muting, and bans (for explicit and harmful information).
  • Griefing teammates – Merit deductions, match bans. Owing to the game’s matchmaking feature, merit deductions are equivalent to the player’s tier.
  • Attacking or harming teammates – Merit deductions. Higher the tier, more deductions are made.
  • Using third-party apps or hacks – Merit deductions, bans (up to a period of 10 years), rank removal.
  • Teaming up with a hacker – Merit deductions, bans (up to a period of 10 years), rank removal.
  • Exploiting bugs – Merit deductions, bans (up to a period of 10 years).

With so many reasons that can lead to merit deductions, users must play fairly and showcase sportsmanship spirit towards other BGMI gamers.

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