How to Join/Create A Minecraft MP server using Hamachi!

How to play Minecraft on a private Hamachi server: 1) Download the game from the link here and Hamachi(you can find it by searching it’s name on google and usually it’s the first link) 2) Unpack the archive of the game, then install it. After that install Hamachi and enter it, you will be prompted to put a name to your computer etc. Go up at “Network” and select “Join an existing network” At “Network ID” put “MinecraftPigeon” and at “Password” 12345. 3) Now open the game, when u see Username and Password leave it blank and click Login, it should say “Login Failed” and you need to press PLAY OFFLINE. 4) It’s all set, go to “Multiplayer” and then put the ip from the host of the server there. It is diplayed on Hamachi near the the host name. Dont forget to add the port after the ip. 5) Have fun! Our new minecraft server: Hamachi network:MinecraftPigeon Network pass: 12345 Minecraft server IP: or look at the “Host” IP Server CLOSED! But the tutorial still is good 😀

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