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Hostel life food hack: viral sandwich making hack

Hostel days are synonymous with fun, adventure, and new learnings in life. If you have spent at least one year of your life in a hostel, then you are surely equipped with various types of life hacks. Let’s agree, those days in the hostel taught us how to survive happily with almost no amenities in hand. We recently came across one such video on Instagram, featuring a viral food hack for students and hostellers. And trust us, it was just so relatable! The video demonstrates how to make crispy cheese toast without using an oven or a toaster. How is that possible, you ask? All you need is an iron and a piece of butter paper – that’s it! Sounds interesting? So without further ado, let’s show you how to make cheese toast without Toaster.

Viral Food Hack: How To Make Cheese Toast Using Iron:

The video, opens with a voice in the background, saying, “Hostel life and food hacks.” The person then went on to make the bread cheese toast by applying butter on the bread slices first. Then she added a slice of cheese to it and sprinkled some oregano and chilli flakes. Then spread butter on another piece of bread and press together.

Next, wrap the sandwich in butter paper. Heat an iron and press both sides of the sandwich well until it turns crispy and golden in colour. That’s it! You have a delicious cheese toast ready to satiate those untimely hunger pangs in the middle of the night.

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Check out the viral food hack below:

This smart toast-making hack instantly grabbed eyeballs on the internet, with people reacting to it. While some called it an “awesome hack”, some reacted with love and cheering emojis.

What’s your view on this hostel life food hack? We suggest, try it once and then decide for yourself.


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