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The more you explore in Stellar Blade, the more enemies you’ll encounter, the more loot you’ll find, and the more crates you’ll discover. While not all crates will be easy to open—some require you to find a passcode, while others need you to complete a small puzzle—certain types of crates will require you to have a hacking tool.


Stellar Blade Has Been A Souls Game This Entire Time

Eve’s adventure has plenty in common with FromSoftware greats, and that’s a very good thing.

During your exploration of Eidos 7, especially in the Construction Zone area, you’ll come across your first high-security sealed chests in the game. Adam will comment that these chests require a hacking tool to open. And remember, this won’t be the last security chest you encounter, so having the hacking tool will be essential.

Hacking Tool upgrade of the Drone - Stellar Blade

The Hacking Tool is a drone upgrade that becomes available fairly early in the game, but you need to complete the entire Eidos 7 region and defeat its boss first. Afterward, you’ll be transported to Xion alongside your two companions, Adam and Lily.

As you progress through the main storyline, you’ll eventually need to make your way to the Wasteland. But before that, you’ll need to visit the Safehouse, where the Tetrapoda is located.

Here, there will be a cutscene where Lily transforms your drone into a weapon for ranged attacks. This unlocks a new set of skills related to the drone.

In the
Repair Console menu
, where you upgrade your equipment and craft Nano suits, you’ll now find
an additional section for Drone

Eve with her drone standing in front of a high security sealed chest - Stellar Blade

Among the first tier of skills, the one on the left will be the Hacking Tool upgrade, which only requires one Drone Upgrade Module.

With this skill unlocked, you’ll be able to open all those high-security sealed chests identified by an orange barrier around them.

Drone Upgrade Modules can be purchased from D1G-g2r, the same merchant who sells all Nano Elements in the Wasteland, or they can be found in the open world.


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