How to password protect on Windows 7

Password Protect! Thanks for watching my tutorial! Anyways, since this video is hard to see and my voice is just SO LOW, I’ll type down how to password protect folders. First things first, you will need to download 7zip which is on that website if you guys need it for ease of use. Once you’re done downloading it; of course, you will need to extract it. After you’re done extracting 7zip, create a new folder or right click the folder you’d like to add a password to and add it to 7z’s archive. Once you’ve added it in to the archive, a window will pop up asking you to put down some information. This is the easy part. Simply, change the 7z in to a Zip file extension. AND do not forget to change the other extension to ZipCrypto/ or something along those lines. Sorry, I don’t remember the right name. Haha. Anyways, when you’re done. All you have to do is check! By the way, remember to change the name of the folders to something else! Anyways, if you have any questions about this video, feel free to ask me! ~TouHoua Xiong

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