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October is cybersecurity month, and as the recent high-profile Las Vegas casino hacks have shown, no company is too big (or small) to be considered safe from cybercrime. 

Kimberlee Ray, a Treasury Management Officer at Fifth Third Bank, says, “Everyone is vulnerable.” She says when a hacker attacks a company, they either try to attack systems, steal data, or steal money. All of which could be potentially fatal to a small business. 

One of the most common forms of cyber attacks is business email compromise. This happens when an attacker pretends to be an employee or executive and sends compromising emails to employees with access to finances, payroll data, and other personally identifiable information. 

Another popular tactic criminals use is phishing. A phishing email contains links directing recipients to malicious sites or attachments infected with malware. These messages often include a sense of urgency and use fake identities. 

Ray says the best way a company can protect itself is to backup systems regularly, train and educate employees not to open suspicious emails or links, and purchase cyber security insurance.     

In addition, Fifth Third Bank offers clients access to thought leadership webinars that discuss cybersecurity and ways small-business owners can protect themselves.   


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