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How to recognize dangerous scam texts and what do do next | #cybercrime | #infosec

Despite what the text you’re staring at says, you did not make a nearly $800 charge at a store you never visited with a bank you do not use. It’s a scam and one you can learn (and teach others) how to recognize and avoid this busy Black Friday shopping season.

I get it, text messages illicit an almost Pavlovian response. We don’t know what they’re about or if they’re even remotely important, but when they appear, we focus our attention and have this almost unstoppable desire to react. 

During the Black Friday buying season, which, if we’re being honest with ourselves, started on November 1, you’re visiting dozens of stores online and in person, finding the best Black Friday Deals, using your credit cards (a lot), and setting up multiple deliveries to your home and elsewhere. Deal offers, confirmations of purchases, and notifications that deliveries have arrived (or not) come primarily through email and text.

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