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Hello I need help!

For months Ive had a hacker having remote access to all my devices I found out he actually hacked our home router which I dont have access too because I rent thats another story

My problem is Ive tried everything to get this person off my computer..Ive made a bootable USB and all his files and logs are still on my computer right after a clean install and he just takes over my device manager is ridiculous with devices hes added

I went into my bios and noticed all kinds of files in the boot manager with en-us being America Theres 20 other countries codes to boot into plus mui files and dll files in the boot manager Im no tech but I believe and pretty much know its all in the boot manager that hes able to cling on to my computers when I reset or boot from USB

Ive tried bootrec/rebuild but there all in read only mode
Ive tried BCDboot same thing
Ive flashed the bios and firmware no luck

How do I delete all the files he has in my boot manager and boot like it should be without being hacked ?

Is it even possible? I have logs and pics of the files I feel I have to move and get away from our internet service and start fresh because even if I do clear the boot hes still in charge of the router its a mess

Stolen money , He uses my device as his device to hack others all day and night.I found a rat program in the registry and much more

Hes got my phone iPad computer and believe it or not my smart tv

This is bad guys hope someone has a solution you guys are much smarter then me with more experience please give me some guidance on what I can try

Thank you

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