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Check How to Set Default Zoom Level on Firefox

Firefox 73 includes a default zoom level, a back-readability option, and a handful of developer features. Other than that, not much to report: Mozilla has moved Firefox’s release to a four-week cycle (from six to eight weeks). You can download Firefox 73 for desktop now from, and all existing users should be able to automatically update to the new version. The Android version is slowly rolling out on Google Play. According to Mozilla, Firefox has around 250 million active users, making it an important platform for web developers to consider.

Firefox allows you to set the zoom level for each individual website, which can be quite annoying for users who want to zoom in on most websites. Therefore, Firefox 73 introduces a new global default zoom setting (about: preferences => Language and appearance). You can set the default zoom level for all websites by increasing or decreasing the 100% magnification as needed. You can also specify whether to zoom only the text or the entire page content. Several Firefox extensions already provided this feature to improve readability, but it is now a native feature.

Speaking of readability, Mozilla has changed the way it handles Windows’ high contrast mode. Previously, Firefox would disable background images when high contrast mode was enabled. Firefox 73 introduces a “Readability Background Plate” that places a block of background color between the text and the background image. This allows high contrast mode to improve the readability of a website’s text without disabling background images.

The steps to set the default zoom level in Firefox are listed below

  • Open the Firefox browser.
  • Click on the hamburger icon at the top right of the browser. Doing so will bring up the Firefox main menu options.
  • In the dropdown menu bar, choose Options.
  • Scroll down the options window until you reach the Language and Appearance section.
  • In the Zoom section of the Language and Appearance window, click the down arrow to select the desired zoom level. You can set your zoom level to any value between 30% and 100%.
  • In other words, Firefox allows you to set the global zoom level to twice the original size of UI elements.

Final words: How to Set Default Zoom Level on Firefox

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